MTCD331-2 Around the Hills of Clare

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Banks of Sullane, The, Ollie Conway, Roud 9718
Banks of Sweet Dundee, The, 'Straighty' Flanagan, Roud 148
Banks of the Nile, The, Pat MacNamara, Roud 950
Blow the Candle Out, Martin Howley, Roud 368
Cailín Deas Cruíte Na mBó, Tom Lenihan, Roud 3139
Caroline of Edinburgh, Tom Lenihan, Roud 398
Child In The Budget, The, Martin Long, Roud 2993
Constant Farmer's Son, The, Tom Lenihan, Roud 675
Croppy Boy, The, Tom Lenihan, Roud 1030
Daughter Dearest Daughter, Mikey Kelleher, Roud 1570
DeValera Election Song, Nora Cleary, Roud 18470
Doctor Crippen, Martin Howley, Roud 18472
Donnelly, Martin Howley, Roud 863
Erin's Lovely Home, 'Straighty' Flanagan, Roud 1427
Farewell To Miltown Malbay, Kitty Hayes, Roud 5228
Girl from Clahandine, The, Michael Flanagan, Roud 18474
Golden Glove, The, Martin Howley, Roud 141
Green Flag of Erin, The, Austin Flanagan, Roud 18469
Half Crown, The, Vincie Boyle, Roud 16988
Hills of Clare, The, Tom Lenihan, Roud 18467
I Left my Hand, Pat MacNamara, Roud 5586
Kerry Cock, The, Jamesie McCarthy, Roud 544
Lismore Turkeys, The, Martin Reidy, Roud 9284
Little Ball of Yarn, The, Nora Cleary, Roud 1404
Lord Levett, Nora Cleary, Roud 48
Mac and Shanahan, Nora Cleary, Roud 5221
Maid of the Moorlough Shore, The, Martin Reidy, Roud 2946
May Morning Dew, The, Kitty Hayes, Roud 5405
Mr Woodhurren's Courtship, Pat MacNamara, Roud 36
My Good Looking Man, Nonie Lynch, Roud 3340
North Star, The, Martin Howley, Roud 1019
O'Reilly from the County Kerry, Martin Reidy, Roud 4720
O'Reilly to America, Austin Flanagan, Roud 270
Old Armchair, The, Martin Howley, Roud 253
Patrick Sheehan, Vincie Boyle, Roud 983
Peeler and the Goat, The, Martin Reidy, Roud 1458
Quilty Burning, The, Mikey Kelleher, Roud 18471
Shannon Scheme, The, Nonie Lynch, Roud 18468
Sprightly Young Damsel, The, 'Straighty' Flanagan, Roud 18473
Stór Mo Croí, Ollie Conway, Roud 3076
Tangaloni, Martin Reidy, 3569
Three Brave Blacksmiths, Vincie Boyle, Roud 9768
Titanic, The, Jamesie McCarthy, Roud 18475