MTCD329-30 The Hardy Sons of Dan

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Adieu to Lovely Garrison, Packie McKeaney, Roud 17892
Bad Luck Attend the Old Farmer, James Halpin, Roud 17894
Barbara Allen, Patsy Flynn, Roud 54
Bonny Wood Green, Packie McKeaney, Roud 9246
Cavenagh Hill, James Halpin, Roud 17896
Clones Murder, The, Tom Tinneny, Roud 2919
Constant Farmer's Son, The, James McDermott, Roud 675
Donagh Hill, Red Mick McDermott, Roud 17893
Grangemore Hare, The, Patsy Flynn, Roud 2883
Green Fields of Ferbane, The, Big John Maguire, Roud 17891
Hardy Sons of Dan, The, Red Mick McDermott, Roud 17895
Huntsman's Horn, The, Big John Maguire, Roud 12920
Huntsman's Horn, The, James and Paddy Halpin, Roud 12920
Johnny Harte, James Halpin, Roud 2929
Kildallan Brown Red, The, James and Paddy Halpin, Roud 5669
Killyburn Brae, Maggie Murphy, Roud 160
Let the Wind Blow High or Low, James McDermott, Roud 308
Lisburn Lass, The, Mary Anne Connelly, Roud 5694
Little Old Mud Cabin on the Hill, The, Eddie Coyle, Roud 9271
Lough Ooney, Big John Maguire, Roud 2927
Lurgan Stream, The, Mary Anne Connelly, Roud 6881
Marrowbones, Red Mick McDermott, Roud 183
Molly Bawn, Maggie Murphy, Roud 166
My Father's Serving Boy, Maggie Murphy, Roud 1910
Reaping of the Rushes Green, The, Philip McDermott, Roud 3380
Seek Not From Whence Love She Came, Mary Anne Connelly, Roud 17897
Seven Years Since I had a Sweetheart, Maggie Murphy, Roud 264
Thoughts of Long Ago, The, James McDermott, Roud 2954
To Reap and Mow the Hay, James and Paddy Halpin, Roud 12937
Willie Leonard, Patsy Flynn, Roud 189
Willie Rambler, James Halpin, Roud 3576
Willie-O, Maggie Murphy, Roud 179
With the Old Navvy Boots On, James McDermott, Roud 516
Young Edmund, Maggie Murphy, Roud 182