MTCD321-2 Far in the Mountains Vols 1 and 2

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To see the full CD details, go to the MT Records website where you'll also find the complete booklet notes [1]

Tracklist Volume 1:

Baby-O, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Back-Step Cindy, Howard Hall & William Marshall
Beano, Pug Allen
Bugerboo, Dan Tate, Roud 558
Christmas Holiday, Pug Allen
Cindy, Dan Tate, Roud 836
Cluck Old Hen, Pug Allen, Roud 4235
Cruel Sister, The, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander, Roud 8
Cumberland Gap, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Devil's Grandmother, The, Dan Tate, Roud 437
Don't Get Trouble in Mind, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Fire in the Mountains, Pug Allen,
Fish on a Hook, Dan Tate, Roud 752
Georgia Buck, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Half-Shaved Nigger, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
I Know a Pretty Little Girl, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander
It's Hard to Love, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander, Roud 824
John Hardy, Dan Tate, Roud 3262
John Hardy, Ted Boyd, Roud 3262
Lightning and Thunder, Dan Tate, Roud 329
Little Fisherman, Dan Tate, Roud 149
Little Massie Groves, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander, Roud 52
Lord Bateman, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander, Roud 40
Massa Run Away, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Miller's Will, The, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander, Roud 138
Mississippi Sawyer, Ted Boyd
Molly Van, Dan Tate, Roud 166
Muck on my Heel, Dan Tate
My Man Will Be Home Some Old Day, Pug Allen
Old Grey Goose, Dan Tate, Roud 3619
Over the River to Charlie, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander, Roud 729
Pig in the Pen, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Polly in the Kitchen, Howard Hall & William Marshall
Pretty Little Girl, Howard Hall & William Marshall
Rickett's Hornpipe, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Roustabout, Dan Tate, Roud 16965
Sally Gooden, Ted Boyd
Salt Creek, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Sweet Sunny South, Ted Boyd
Three Little Babes, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander, Roud 196
Walk Jawbone, Dan Tate, Roud 7728
Western Country, Sam Connor and Dent Wimmer
Wild Hog in the Woods, Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander, Roud 29
Wind and the Rain, The, Dan Tate, Roud 8

Tracklist Volume 2:

Arishman and the Squirrel, The, Stanley Hicks
Barbara Allen, Stanley Hicks, Roud 54
Chilly Winds, Charlie Woods
Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies, Stella Kimble & Pearl Richardson, Roud 451
Cripple Creek & Shooting Creek, Charlie Woods
Down the Road, Stanley Hicks
Fall on my Knees, Calvin & Viola Cole
Fortune, Rob Tate
Girl I Left Behind Me, The, Evelyn Ramsey, Roud 262
Gold Rush, Pug Allen
Groundhog, Stanley Hicks
Here Goes a Bluebird, Stanley Hicks, Roud 7700
Hog Patch Hill, Charlie Woods
Hounds in the Horn, Sherman Wimmer
It Rained, It Mist, Calvin & Viola Cole, Roud 73
Lily of the West, The, Evelyn Ramsey, Roud 957
Little Margaret, Evelyn Ramsey, Roud 253
McKinley, Pug Allen, Roud 787
Molly Put the Kettle On, Calvin & Viola Cole
Nigger Trader Boatman, Pug Allen
Old Dan Tucker, Dan Tate, Roud 390
Old Mister Rabbit, Dan Tate, Roud 8081
Once I Lived in Old Virginia, Dan Tate, Roud 3396
Piper’s Gap, Rob Tate
Pretty Girl Down the Road, Charlie Woods
Riddles & Where’s the Ox At?, Stanley Hicks
Sailor’s Song, The, Dan Tate, Roud 124
Somebody’s Tall and Handsome, Evelyn Ramsey
Sourwood Mountain, Stanley Hicks
Sugar Hill, Dan Tate
Take a Drink on Me, Pug Allen
Tom Dooley, Evelyn Ramsey, Roud 4192
Truelover’s Farewell, The, Evelyn Ramsey, Roud 422
Truelover’s Warning, The, Evelyn Ramsey, Roud 711
Up Jumped the Devil, Pug Allen
Who’s On the Way?, Dan Tate, Roud 8080