MTCD311-2 Up in the North and Down in the South

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As I Was A-Walking, Freda Palmer, Roud 965
Aylesbury Girl, The, Jack Goodban, Roud 364
Basket Of Eggs, The, Bob Blake, Roud 377
Blackberry Fold, George Spicer, Roud 559
Broken Down Gentleman, The, Bill Whiting, Roud 383
Brundenlaws, The, Willie Beattie, Roud 9257
Canadee-I-O, Harry Upton, Roud 309
Comical Song, A, Jimmy McBeath, Roud 16884
Cut Away Mike, George Spicer, Roud 1711
Dick Turpin, Johnny Doughty, Roud 8094
Dorsetshire George, Bob Blake, Roud 3196
Dowie Dens O' Yarrow, The, Willie Beattie, Roud 13
Farmer In Cheshire, The, Jimmy McBeath, Roud 2638
Feckless Young Girl, The, Harry Upton, Roud 1734
Fox And The Grey Goose, The, Freda Palmer, Roud 131
Giles Collins, Jacquey Gabriel, Roud 147
Golden Glove, The, Frank Hinchliffe, Roud 141
Green Mossy Banks Of The Lea, The, Frank Hinchliffe, Roud 987
Grey Hawk, The, Bob Blake, Roud 293
Henry My Son, George Spicer, Roud 10
I'M Going To The Woods, Bill Whiting, Roud 236
It Hails It Rains, Frank Hinchliffe, Roud 608
Johnnie Armstrong, Willie Beattie, Roud 76
Jolly Jorge, Bill Dore, Roud 1738
Kinmount Willie, Willie Beattie, Roud 4013
Knife In The Window, Bill Whiting, Roud 329
Let Her Go Back, Johnny Doughty, Roud 653
Lily-White Hand, The, George Spicer, Roud 564
Magdalen Green, The, Jimmy McBeath, Roud 2893
My Boy Billy, Johnny Doughty, Roud 326
My Old Man, George Spicer, Roud 3550
Nobleman And The Thresherman, The, Frank Hinchliffe, Roud 19
Nothing Else To Do, Frank Hinchliffe, Roud 1265
Our Sheepshearing's Done, Bob Blake, Roud 1379
Oxford City, Freda Palmer, Roud 218
Poor Roger Is Dead, Walter Pardon, Roud 797
Sailor's Alphabet, The, Johnny Doughty, Roud 159
Searching For Young Lambs, George Spicer, Roud 1437
Shannon Frigate, The, Jack Goodban, Roud 963
Sheffield Park, Frank Hinchliffe, Roud 860
Sing Ovy Sing Ivy, Tom Newman, Roud 12
Single Life, A, Harry Upton, Roud 952
Spotted Cow, The, Frank Hinchliffe, Roud 956
There Was A Lady Dressed In Green, Vicki Whelan, Roud 9
Tree In The Wood, The, Tom Newman, Roud 129
Up In The North, Freda Palmer, Roud 582
William And Mary, Freda Palmer, Roud 348
Wreck Of The Northfleet, The, Harry Upton, Roud 1174