MTCD309-10 Just Another Saturday Night

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To see the full CD details, go to the MT Records website where you'll also find the complete booklet notes [1]

Barbara Allen, Jim Wilson, Roud 54
Bitter Withy, Sarah Porter, Roud 452
Bonny Bunch Of Roses, The, Bill Porter, Roud 664
Brennan On The Moor, Jim 'Brick' Harber, Roud 476
Brianey O'Lynn, Jim Porter, Roud 294
Bricklayer Bold, A, Jim 'Brick' Harber, Roud 971
Buttercup Joe, Jim Wilson, Roud 1635
Cabin Boy And The Lady Gay, The, Jim 'Brick' Harber, Roud 1168
Cremona, Harry Holman & George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 16636
Croppy Boy, The, Ted & Bet Porter, Roud 1030
Cunning Cobbler, The, George Spicer, Roud 174
Died For Love, Sarah Porter, Roud 60
Do You Want Us To Lose The War?, Bill Porter, Roud 16707
Down By The Deep River Side, Sarah Porter, Roud 1414
Down By The Seaside, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 1712
Dying Stockman, The, Cyril Philips, Roud 7994
Folkestone Murder, The, George Spicer, Roud 897
Game Of All Fours, The, Sarah Porter, Roud 232
Girl I Love So True, The, Unknown singer, Roud 9553
Hobnail Boots That Father Wore, The, Harry Holman, Roud 16704
Joe The Carrier Lad, Cyril Philips, Roud 1080
Lakes Of Coldflynn, The, Scan Tester, Roud 189
Lansdown Fair, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 137
My Lot Took The Cake, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 16631
Never Go A-Rushing, Jim Wilson, Roud 330
Nobleman And The Thresher, The, Harry Holman, Roud 19
Oak And The Ash, The, Jack Arnoll, Roud 269
Once I Had A Dark Eyed Lover, Sarah Porter, Roud 16637
Outlandish Knight, The, Sarah Porter, Roud 21
Oxford City, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 218
Patsy Flanagan, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 16632
Poor Old Weaver's Daughter, The, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 1277
Pride Of Kildare, The, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 962
Rest Of The Day's Your Own, The, Cyril Philips, Roud 1485
Rigs Of London Town, The, Jim Wilson, Roud 868
Rolling In The Dew, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 298
Rumpsy Bumpsy, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 1212
Scarlet and the Blue, The, George Spicer, Roud 163
She's Proud And She's Beautiful, Cyril Philips, Roud 16652
Spencer The Rover, Jim Porter, Roud 1115
Valleys Of Switzerland, The, Harry Holman, Roud 16708
Volunteer Organist, The, George Spicer, Roud 5378
Week Before Easter, The, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 154
What D'You Think Of That, Unknown singer, Roud 16706
What Is The Life Of A Man?, Harry Holman, Roud 848
William Leonard, George 'Pop' Maynard, Roud 189
Wind Across The Wild Moor, The, Sarah Porter, Roud 155
Young Maria, Louie Saunders, Roud 218
Young Sailor Cut Down, Harry Holman, Roud 2