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Label: Leader Records

Title: A Fine Hunting Day: Songs of the Holme Valley Beagles.

Introduction: The rich tradition which surrounds hunting in the British Isles includes a body of songs which is capable of appealing even to those whose inclination is strongly against blood sports.

This record includes the singing of one of the more unusual hunts, unusual that is if your mental image of a hunt includes imperious fox-chasing horsemen, riding rough-shod and re-coated over gently undulating, lush countryside.

The Holme Valley hunting ground is high in the Pennines. Horses are not used and foxes are not hunted, but after a good days hunting they do enjoy an evenings good singing and it is from some of these evenings that this record is made.

Track List

Album Credits:

  • Recorded and produced by David Bland
  • Notes by David Bland
  • Album design by Janet Kerr