Joseph Leaning

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Born in 1837 at Barton on Humber, Joseph Leaning (known as "Lean") was the son of William Leaning an agricultural labourer from Barton and Mary from Thornton Curtis. He lived on the High St, on Beck Hill and later on Pasture Rd.

Joseph became an agricultural labourer like his father but after his first wife, Mary Ann died he also had a grocer's shop, with his sister Alice, on High St. He married his second wife, Ann Moment from Habrough in 1876, after which he became a blacksmith's labourer and ultimately a labourer for Barton Urban District Council.

It is not known how he came into contact with Percy Grainger, but he was phonographed at Brigg in 1906 and 1908.

He celebrated his Golden Wedding in 1926 and died the following year.


1. The Banks of Sweet Dundee

2. Barbara Ellen

3. Bold William Taylor

4. Come all Jolly Ploughboys

5. Creeping Jane

6. Died for Love

7. The Gallant Huzzar

8. The Gardener and the Ploughman

9. General Wolfe

10. Green Bushes

11. The Green Mossy Banks

12. Just as the Tide was Flowing

13. The Kerry Recruit

14. Lord Bateman

15. The Lowlands of Holland

16. The North Country Maid

17. The Nutting Girl

18. The Old Mare

19. The Outlandish Knight

20. Seventeen Come Sunday

21. The Sheffield Apprentice

22. Six Dukes went a-Fishing

23. The Lost Lady Found

24. The Poacher's Fate

25. The Pretty Maid Milking her Cow

26. Poor Mary and the Silvery Tide

27. Time to Remember the Poor

28. Wharncliffe Highwood

29. Young Henry My Son