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T:GB/6a/5 As I Roved Out Version 1 of 2
C:Collected from Mrs Whiting, Broseley, Shropshire, April, 1908
Q:Rather Fast
A,2 |D3 C D2 E2 |F2 G2 E2 D2 |G2 F2 GA B2 |A4 D2 A,2 |D2 C2 D2 E2 |
F4 E2 D2 |G3 F G2 B2 |A6 A2 |d4 c2 A2 |G4 FGA=B |c2 =B2 cBAG |
F2 D2 C2 A,2 |D3 F D2 E2 |F2 A2 c2 dc |A3 G FD E2 |D8 |F4 F2 A2 |
c2 =B2 cBAG |F2 D2 C2 A,2 |D3 F E2 D2 |c2 c2 dcAG |F2 D2 E2 FE |D8 |]