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Terms of Service.

  • Folkopedia is intended to be a resource for a wide range of people including pupils and students. Contributors are expected to maintain common standards of decency in both content and language.
  • As with all means of publishing, there are local and international laws which govern the rights of individuals not to be libeled or misrepresented. There are also rules which govern copyright. It is assumed that contributors will not add content which contravenes the accepted practice with regard to these issues. In the event of any disputed or questionable content, senior editors may be requested to take appropriate action to assess and if necessary remove or temporarily suspend the relevant pages.
  • Folkopedia is a moderated infobase and the senior editors periodically assess content for accuracy. Where dispute arises, appropriate balance will be sought. Contributors should be aware and accept that occasionally, the accuracy of contributions may be questioned or challenged in the spirit of academic rigour. Confrontations will hopefully be avoided in favour of proper discussion.