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A gradually evolving list as time and opportunity presents itself.

When/how does a revival player come to be regarded as a traditional source player? For the present I am trying to stick to people who were born pre-WW2 and not worrying over it, there is plenty to be getting on with.

Generally speaking the figures may be regarded as influential, particularly if they were recorded.

A good place to look for source recordings of traditional singers and musicians is The British Library Sounds Collection

You will find many excellent articles on English (and other) songs and tunes on Rod Stradling's Musical Traditions website "Mustrad", often along with links to field recordings.

Many of the people below are represented on there.

-Chris Partington

Many informative articles on individual 19th century musicians from Southern England have appeared on the Musical Traditions website. http://www.mustrad.org.uk/articles.htm

Musicians by County