Cecil J. Sharp, ed. (1908) 'Folk-songs from Dorset'

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PDF page images of Cecil J. Sharp, ed. (1908) 'Folk-songs from Dorset' can be freely downloaded from the Internet Archive here.[1]

ABC file of all 16 Dorset folk songs: File:0DorsetAll1908.abc

'Novello's School Songs Book 269' can be downloaded from here.[[2]] It contains 9 Dorset songs collected by H.E.D. Hammond and arranged by Cecil J. Sharp. Six of these are replicas of the songs published in 1908, but 3 are not. These are 'Dorsetshire Militia Song' 'Tarry Trousers' and 'My Bonny Lad.'

Here is an ABC file containing these 3 songs: File:0Dorset3Novello.abc