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THE RIVAL KNIGHTS MS Anonymous Date - ca1810.

In a private collection. Origin unknown.

Manuscript tunebook containing fashionable dance tunes of the early 19thC, many Scottish. All tunes have cello accompaniment.

PDF at Internet Archive

The name of the anonymous collection is arbitrarily chosen from a tune within it. Dated by the absence of quadrille tunes and the presence of a tune from the following:- The Rival Knights; or, the Fortunate Woodlander: A French Romance. London: Printed and Published by J. Lee, 24, Half Moon Street, Bishopsgate Without, c. 1805.

Ally Croaker 84

Andrew Carey 3

Blue Beard,aka Tink-a-Tink 17

Boulanger 75

Bugle Horn, The 44

Caledonian Hunt, The 78

Cammeronian's Rant, The 26

Camp de Mars 100

Campbell has got his wife again 39

Colonel Small's Strathspey 93

Count Wartensleben 5

College Hornpipe, The 31

Colonel Bain's Reel 33

Colonel Montgomery's Strathspey 65

Cory Owen 71

Cory Owen 114

Countess of Sutherland's Reel 35

Cummolun(Cumberland?) 6

Del Caro's Hornpipe 83

Devil Among the Taylors, The 1

Devil & No Devil 89

Drops of Brandy, aka 6

Duke of Gordon's Birthday 23

Duke of York's Cotillon 70

Dusty Miller, The 4

Ellena Rashe? 112

Fife Hunt, The 38

Garthlands Reel 13

Gary Owen, aka 71

Gary Owen, aka 114

General Toast, The 102

Go to the Devil and Shake Y'self80

Haunted Tower, The 50

Highland Dance, The 57

Hillisborg's Reel 54

I'll Make You be Fain .... 41

Irish Washerwoman, The 108

Isle of Sky 37

Jenny Sutton 86

Kennedy's Reel 85

King Street Assembly, The 90

La Belle Isabelle 74

Lads & Lasses 58

Lady Gardener's Reel 16

Lady Mary Ramsay's Strathspey 24

Lady Lucy Ramsey's Favourite 59

Lady Shaftesbury's Delight 81

Little House Under the Hill,The115

Little Peggy's Love 56

Loch Errick Side 104

Lord Eglinton's Reel 22

Lord Macdonald's Reel 46

Lord Seymour's Reel 60

Lucy Campbell's Delight 19

Madame Hillingsborg's Reel,aka 54

Miss Hamilton's Fancy 97

Moll in the Wad 15

Money Musk 45

Money in Both Pockets 107

Morgan Rattler 51

Marshall's Fancy 53

Marquis of Lorn's Strathspey 64

Mrs. Baird's Reel 40

Mrs. Flemings' Strathspey 88

Mrs. Mairn's Jigg 9

Mrs. Murry's Reel 67

Mullong's Jigg 101

Opera Reel, The 90

Over the Hills and Far Away 62

Perthshire Hunt 68

Plaid, The 7

Rival Knights, The 99

Royal Quickstep, The 109

Ruffian's Rant Strathspey, The 11

Savage Dance, The 103

Sir David Hunter of Blair 110

Sir Roger de Coverly 105

Sitwell's fancy 73

Soldier's Joy, The 29

Spa Dance 96

Speed the Plough 111

Sprigs of Laurel 43

Tartar's Rant, The 13

Tink-a-Tink, aka 17

Weymouth Cotillion, The 70

West's Hornpipe 92

What a Beau Your Granny Was 95

White Cockade, The 48

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