139: Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham

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In both the 1663 and the 1670 Garlands and on various seventeenth century broadsides in the Wood, Douce, Roxburghe and Pepys Collections, the earliest printing being by Francis Grove in London c1620-55. Child states, ‘This is evidently a comparatively late ballad, but has not come down to us in its oldest form.’ The story occurs in earlier forms, for example, in the Sloane MS of the end of the sixteenth century.

Evans of London printed an upmarket illustrated version in 1811 under the title ‘RH and the Fifteen Foresters’ (Madden Collection, Cambridge University Library).

Though there are no known early tunes given, Bronson discusses possibilities at length. He also gives both of the only oral versions, which come from Nova Scotia, one a single stanza and the other of three stanzas, both with tune.

Copies posted on request.