129: Robin Hood and the Prince of Aragon

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Broadsides of the seventeenth century are located in the Pepys and Roxburghe Collections with the title 'Robin Hood, Will Scadlock and Little John'. Child states 'This is only a pseudo-chivalrous romance, tagged to Robin Hood newly Revived as a Second Part, with eight introductory stanzas. both parts are as vapid as possible, and no piquancy is communicated by the matter of the two being as alien as oil and water.' The title Child used appears in Thackeray's list of printed ballads and was used on mid-eighteenth century garlands.

Bronson gives one version from oral tradition printed in Barry, Eckstorm and Smyth and collected by George Herzog in New Brunswick. Bronson's description is sufficient 'forty-six rather deplorable stanzas of it! The tune was recorded by the scupulous hand and ear of George Herzog. It doesn't sound very convincing as a ballad tune; it has two strains and modulates.'