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Here are some first categories. They may well change!

Dance Research

  • Dance Bibliography. Includes books, articles,academic studies, and links to notable researchers' websites where appropriate
  • Historical Resources. Here are some links for learning some more about traditional dance.

Social, Ceilidh and Barn Dance

Morris and Sword Dance

What is Morris Dancing?

  • One of the leading researchers in the Morris Dance field was Roy Dommett [1] and a good starting point for anyone interested in the subject are his lecture notes on various traditions, including Cotswold and Border Morris here and here on a site run by Nigel Sparkes.
  • A much larger set of notes by Roy Dommet, edited by Tony Barrand, is hosted at the (North American) Country Dance Society Website. Tony Barrand worked with Randall Cayford on copies of the 1500 pages that Roy left with the Bay Area Country Dance Society in 1997. With the help of Dr. Paul Eric Smith in Brattleboro, VT, Vols. 1-10 were prepared for CDSS. They now include 2500 pages of Roy’s writing and commentary about various forms of the English Morris. Attached is the introduction that Tony Barrand added.
  • Morris Dancing in the English South Midlands 1660-1900 CD-ROM. To see the full CD-ROM details, go to the MT Records website [2]. The great majority of Keith Chandler's writings on the Cotswold Morris, including two complete books - Ribbons, Bells and Squeaking Fiddles and the Chronological Gazeteer - an unpublished article on the Forest of Dean Morris , 6 other long articles and 8 shorter ones. All specially updated for this edition, and with dozens of previously unpublished photos.
  • The Esperance Morris Book Volume 1 [3] The Esperance Morris Book Volume 2 [4]. Includes tunes. These two volumes were created by Mary Neal [5] and published in 1910. They are freely available in various formats. The description reads: pt 1. A manual of morris dances, folk-songs and singing games.--pt. 2. Morris dances, country dances, sword dances and sea shanties. Notes and steps written by C. Carey; music collected and arranged by G. Toye and C. Carey
  • The Morris book : with a description of dances as performed by the Morris men of England (1912-) [6],Sharp, Cecil J. (Cecil James), 1859-1924 with MacIlwaine, Herbert C
  • Morris Musicians Handbook : PDF No tunes, but a guide to playing for the Morris
  • An ABC Library of Morris Tunes : website Very useful.
  • The Morris Ring [7]
  • The Morris Federation [8]
  • Open Morris [9]
  • A short explanation of the politics that led to the past differences between the above three organisations (now mostly healed) [10]
  • Looking for a team near you? Using Sidefinder [11], or a Muddle of Morris [12], or Morris Dancing Wiki [13], or Jeff Bigler's Wiki [14]. There are others.

Step/Clog dance

Other Nations

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