Charlie Wills

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Life Story

Charlie Wills was a Somerset/Dorset folk singer and sole artist on the 1972 album carrying his name. He was born in the small Somerset village of West Chinnock on September the 10th 1877. He attended school full time until he was nine, from then on he worked for a local dog breeder for half the day until the just before his thirteenth birthday when he finished his schooling.

The 12" LP was released on Leader Records. .


Leader Records


Also features on the following albums

Voice of the People. Volume 18 To catch a fine buck was my delight - Songs of hunting and poaching (Topic TSCD 668)

Voice of the People. Volume 7 First I'm going to sing you a ditty - Rural fun and frolics (Topic TSCD 657)

Songs of Seduction (The Folk Songs of Britain)

The Child Ballads 1 (The Folk Songs of Britain) (Rounder CD1775)