Cecil J. Sharp and Charles L. Marson (1904) ''Folk Songs From Somerset Volume 3''

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Cecil J. Sharp and Charles L. Marson (1904) Folk Songs From Somerset Volume 3 can be freely downloaded as a PDF file from the IMSLP here:  [[1]]

It contains the following 25 songs:
55. The Brisk Young Widow
56. The Bold Lieutenant
57. A Farmer's Son so Sweet
58. John Barleycorn. 1st Version
59. The Crabfish
60. Bingo
61. The Watchet Sailor
62. Whistle, Daughter, Whistle
63. The Keys of Heaven
64. The Lover's Tasks
65. Lord Bateman
66. O Waly, Waly
67. The Green Mossy Banks of the Lea
68. Little Sir Hugh
69. The Bold Fisherman
70. Early, Early
71. The Husbandman and Servingman
72. The Cuckoo
73. Admiral Benbow
74. The Greenland Fishery
75. Laidy Maisry
76. Farewell, Nancy
77. O Sally, My Dear
78. Brimbledon Fair; or Young Ramble-away
79. The Ship in Distress

Fifteen of these 25 songs are also published in Cecil J. Sharp (1916) ''One Hundred English Folk Songs'' abc code for these songs is here: File:Sharp100.abc

abc code for the remaining 10 songs is here: File:Sharp Somerset 3-of-5.abc