Nottingham Swing

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Collected by Miss Sylvia Thursfield, the secretary of the Northants branch of the EFDSS from Mr Charles Leaton of Benefield, Northants on February 5th, 1936.

Alternative title Phillibelulah All The Way

The tune had already been noted down from Charles Leaton by Walter Pitchford on April 8th 1935.


A1: First man swings second woman

A2: Second man swings first woman

B1: 1 to 4: First couple lead down the middle and return to second place

B1: 5 to 8: First and second couples swing round each other.

The swing is waltz fashion throughout.

This version of the dance differs from what is danced now. These days, the first couple return to first place and cast around the other couple to meet and swing in the second place.


Information extracted from the Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Vol 3 No.2 (1937)

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