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UK-wide Magazines

Dancing On!

Journal of Open Morris.

English Dance & Song

The magazine of the EFDSS, English Dance & Song is the longest-established magazine devoted to folk music, dance and song in the country.

First published in 1936, it has appeared four times a year ever since.

website EDS Contents

Folk Life

Folk Life: Journal of Ethnological Studies, to give it its full title, is the journal of The Society for Folklife Studies. It is devoted to the study of all aspects of traditional ways of life, and publishes original, high quality, peer-reviewed research, about topics including museology, cultural heritage and tourism, and the history and development of ethnology.


Folk Music Journal

Also issued by the EFDSS.


Journal of the Folklore Society.

Morris Circular

Journal of Morris Ring.

Morris Matters

Journal of Morris Federation.

Now defunct


This was an international magazine featuring a wide range of traditional and roots music; they described themselves as covering Local Music from Out There. It entered voluntary insolvency in July 2019, and its editor Ian Anderson went on to run a podcast, PodWireless.


Living Tradition

This was a bi-monthly Folk & Traditional music magazine that ceased publication in Aug/Sep 2022, after over 14 years. Its main aim was to highlight the rich heritage of traditional music in the British Isles and further afield, and attempt to bring it to a wider audience.


Regional Magazines

Tradition Today and trad.

An occasional e-journal and newsletter (respectively), both issued by the Centre for English Traditional Heritage.

Folk Monthly

Folk Monthly is a Midlands publication carrying articles, reviews, diary listings and adverts for folk clubs, sessions, festivals and performers. It is published 11 times a year, and is for sale in folk clubs, music shops and by subscription.

For further information see web site or email the editor


Published bi-monthly, Taplas serves the folk and traditional music scene in wales. Contains the latest news & listings, features and reviews.



An amalgamation (since early 2020) of Tykes News (West Yorkshire) and Stirrings (South Yorkshire) edited by Nigel Schofield and typeset by Jim Ellison. Quarterly Yorkshire magazine carrying gig information and reviews from the region. The link also leads to FiloFolk, an online directory administered by Jim Ellison and Michael Hardeman.


Now defunct

Folk Roundabout

Folk Roundabout was a subscription magazine covering north east England, i.e. Teesside, North Yorkshire, Durham, Tyneside, Northumberland, and bits of Cumbria. It had news and gigs for folk clubs, sessions, dance sides, and performers, festival details, and CD reviews. It was published four times a year, and was for sale in some folk clubs in the region.

Shreds and Patches

Shreds & Patches was a free folk magazine for Shropshire and surrounding areas comprising articles which included reviews, dance contacts, club and session details and event listings. It was published 3 times per year. Its editor Sheila Mainwaring died in 2020.



Stirrings was founded in 1974 as The South Yorkshire Folk Diary, and published at least four times a year thereafter. It acquired its new name in 1980, had a long and complicated history under a series of editors, and eventually merged with Tykes News (see below).


US-wide magazines

Journal of American Folklore

Journal of Folklore Research

Western Folklore

Internet Magazines

Musical Traditions

Founded as a paper magazine by the late Keith Summers in 1983 and revived on the Internet in 1996 by Rod Stradling, this magazine covers a wide range of world traditional music.

Musical Traditions

Musical Traditions Magazine

web site

Broadside Magazine

"Hugely influential in the folk-revival, Broadside Magazine was founded in 1962 by Agnes “Sis” Cunningham and her husband, Gordon Friesen, as a small mimeographed publication. The magazine reflected the times. It was often controversial, and was the subject of questions in one of Bob Dylan’s many news conferences, as seen in the Martin Scorcese documentary on Bob Dylan released in 2005. Issues of what is folk? what is folk rock? and who is folk? were roundly discussed and debated. At the same time, Broadside nurtured and promoted important singer-songwriters of the era.

By the end of the seventies it had virtually ceased publication. In 1982 it was revived by Norman Ross, President of Clearwater Publishing (a publisher of microfilms and reference books) after the firm had microfiched the entire backfile, and Jeff Ritter, a musician and folklorist."

Read more

UK-wide Radio

BBC Radio 2

The Mike Harding Show - Wednesday 8pm

Station site: BBC Radio 2

Programme page: Web page

Frequency: 88.1 to 90.1 FM

Stream: via the presenter's page

Regional Radio

West Yorkshire

Bradford Community Broadcast

Tim Moon presents a weekly folk music programme on BCB - Mondays at 8pm.

Station site: Bradford Community Broadcast

Programme page: "Folk Us" Click on 'Monday'

Frequency: 106.6FM

Stream: Listen online


Commenced broadcasting in the Halifax area in December 2007 under an OfCom Community License. Hosts a two hour folk and roots music slot from 10am to noon each Sunday with a rota of presenters covering a wide range of folk and roots styles.

Phoenix FM

Frequency: 96.7FM

Stream: PhoenixFM On Line

South Yorkshire

Sheffield Live

Commenced broadcasting in November 2007 under an OfCom Community License. Hosts a two hour folk music show, Thank Goodness It's Folk from 10am to noon each Friday presented by James Fagan and Sam Hindley.

Frequency: 93.2FM


Celtic Music Radio

Celtic Music Radio is the only UK-based radio station which focuses primarily on traditional and contemporary celtic/folk/scottish-influenced music. It broadcasts 24x7 on 1530 kHz AM/MW in and around the Glasgow and Clyde area, and a stream is also available. It commenced broadcasting in January 2008.

Frequency: 1530 kHz

Internet Radio

Smithsonian Folkways

What better way to put a collection of historic recordings to good use than to stream them via Live 365 Internet Radio Listen

WUMB Boston

Dedicated US Folk Music station Listen

National TV

Regional TV


Folk Journalists

Book Publishers

English Folk Dance & Song Society

The EFDSS have published a variety of books over the years on a variety of subjects. Tunes, songs, dances, essays, mumming and guising, bibliographies, etc.

Currently, the easiest way to review the current titles is via the Folkshop publications catalogue page [1]

Mally Productions

Dave Mallinson came up the hard way to become one of the prime music publishers on the English folk scene.

Read his story here and check out the available titles.

Ozaru Books

The owner being a hoodener, this boutique publishing house has issued three books about hoodening as well as including information about folk traditions in other publications.