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Young Jemmy
Young Jemmy
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National Library of Wales press release - January 2004

"Alawon John Thomas - A Fiddler's Tune Book From Eighteenth Century Wales" ed. Cass Meurig, LLGC, 2004, 1862250421 Some of the ancient airs of the Land of Song will now see the light of day for the first time in over two hundred years in a new book published by The National Library of Wales. Alawon John Thomas: A fiddler's tune-book from eighteenth century Wales is edited by the renowned fiddler, Cass Meurig, and is a unique collection of tunes compiled by John Thomas, a well-known C18th fiddler from north east Wales whose manuscript is found amongst the National Library's collection. The new book gives the general public their first ever taste of the songs their forefathers would have sung and danced to almost three hundred years ago."


Abigno [Ambigno]

Acen Colomen / The Dove's Accent

Air by Mr Handel I & II

Air from 'Forrest Harmony'

All Live & Merry

Almon [Moesen Salomen?]

Amaryllis [Cariad Nebyn / Nobody's Love]

The Anti-Jew Minuet

Anything, or, Sunday morning

Ar Hyd y Nos

As Black as Coal

As You Like It

Bad Robin [Mad Robin]

Barberini's Minuet

Barley, or, Cold Raw [Stingo / Oil of Barley / Cold and Raw]

Barley Sugar

Barnad Mwnc [Barna Bwnc]

The Bashful Swain


Belsise Minuet [Mock Belsise/Belsize Minuet]

Berkshire Jockey [ Y Gwr a'I Farch / Horse & Jockey]

Bili Bylero [Lilliburlero]

Biwmares March

Black Joak

Black Sir Harry [Black Henry]

Black-Eyed Susan

Blodau'r Dyffryn / The Flowers of the Valley

Blooming Fanny [Fanny Blodau'r Ffair / Fanny the Flowers of the Fair]

Bob in Bed with Bess [Bob in the Bed]

Bonny Dundee

Bonny Laddie

Bowl Away

Brave Admiral Vernon's March

Breuddwyd Dafydd Rhys / Dafydd Rhys' Dream

Brigiau'r Dur / Twigs of Iron

Britain Strike Home - Henry Purcell, 'Bonduca'

Bryniau'r Werddon / The Hills of Ireland

Buckle To [Dal atto / Twas within a Furlong of Edinburgh Town - Henry Purcell / Charles Powell]

Buff Coat [Bwff Coat / The Buff Coat Has No Fellow]

Bumper Squire Jones

Butcher Hornpipe [Bibell Gorn Gigydd]

Butter and Peas [Pwt ar y Bys / Buttered Pease]

Captain Morgan [Diddan Captain/Capten Morgan]

Cast Away Care [Bwrw Gofal Ymaith / Care Away Go Thou From Me, Tros yr Afon / Over the River]

Castle Down

Charity Mistress [Elusenni Meistres / Gerard's Mistress, Gwledd Angharad / Angharad's Feast]


Charlie's Dragoons / Dutch Minuet

Charming Chloe

The Charming Delights

Charming Phyllis

Cheshire Round

Chorus in 'Atalanta' [Viva la face, viva l'amor!] - Georg Frideric Handel, 'Atalanta'

Christ Church Bells [Oh! The Bonny Christ Church Bells]

Cil y Fwyalch / The Blackbird's Retreat [Dugan Cil y Fwualch]

Codiad yr Ehedydd / The Lark's Ascent

Colin and Phoebe

Collett's March

Collier's Round

Conset Arglwydd Straen / Lord Straen's Conceit [Arglwudd Stray / Arglwyddes Druan / Poor Lady]

Conset Arglwyddes Owens / Lady Owen's Conceit [Difyrwch / Maldod Arglwyddes Owens, Dydd Da fo i Gwen Lliw'r Lili/ Good Morrow, Gwen of the Lily]

Conset Bach / Little Conceit

Conset Capten y Faen / Captain Vayne's Conceit

Conset Evan Glan Teifi / Evan Glan Teifi's Conceit [Rhuban Morfydd]

Conset Gwyr Dyfi / Conceit of the Men of Dovey [ Ton y Fammaeth / The Nurse's Tune]

Conset Llanciau Llansanan / Conceit of the Lads of Llansannan

Conset William ab Owen Pencraig / William ab Owen Pencraig's Conceit [Pencraig]

The Constant Lover

Consumption [Darfodediagaeth, Gorweddwch Eich Hun / Lie Yourself Down]


Count Leon

Country Bumpkin

Country Farmer [King Jame's Jig {sic} / Painted Chamber]

Country Lassie

Cow Heel [Sawdl Buwch / Sawdl y Fuwch / Pleasant Thought]

Y Cwper Mwyn / The Gentle Cooper [Dol y Moch / Pig Meadow]

Cream of the Jest

The Cuckoo [When Daisies Pied] - Thomas Arne

Cwympiad y Dail / The Fall of the Leaves

Dainty Dafydd / Dainty David / Dainty Davy

Dainty Lady / Arglwyddes Foethus

Dawns y Gwr Marw / The Dead Man's Dance

Y Ddeilen Grin / The Green Leaf

Denbigh Castle [Shore's Trumpet Tune / Jocky was as Brisk & Blithe a Lad]

Devil Take the War - Charles Powell

Diferiad y Gerwyn / The Droppings of the Mash-Tub

Diniweidrwydd / Innocence

Diniweidrwydd Colomen / The Innocence of the Dove

The Disappointed Widow

Diwn Si'n Galw'n Duke W.'s March / the Tune Called Duke W.'s March

Draw Cupid

Drugan Care Away / ?Drinking Care Away

Drugan Morgannwg

Drugan Troed Tant

Drugan y Crythor Du / The Black Crowther's Melody

The Drummer

Drunken Parson [Repley's Delight]

The Drunken Peasant

Dugan Gwenllian

The Duke of Athol's Rant, or Scotch Condension

Duke W.'s March

The Duke's Reel

Dusty Miller

Dutch Skipper [Essex Building]

Dutch Woman

Y Dydd Drwy'r Ffenest / The Day Through The Window [Y Ty Trwy'r Ffenest / The House Through the Window]

Dyna Ddiwedd y Gwyliau / That's the End of the Holidays

Eiste / ?Sitting

Excuse Me

Y Facsen Felen / The Yellow Basket

Fair Hebe

Y Fedle Fawr / The Great Medley

Ferdinando [Ffranslado / Ferdinandol]


Ffarwel Aber

Ffarwel Brydain / Farewell Britain

Ffarwel Gwyr Aberffraw / Farewell, Men of Aberffraw

Ffarwel Ieuenctid / Farewell Youth

Ffarwel Ned Puw / Farewell Ned Puw

Ffarwel Philip Ystwyth / Farewell Philip Ystwyth

Ffarwel Trefaldwyn / Farewell Montgomery

Ffelena [Ffylena / Ffilena / Phelene / Felene / Ffeleni / Ffilenau]

Ffild Ffadl / Fiddle Faddle

The First of August [Frisky Jenny, or, The Tenth of June / Y Dydd Cyntaf o Awst / Charles of Sweden / Fflat Huw Puw]

Flaunting Two [The Hemp-Dresser, or, The London Gentlewoman / Dadl Dau]

Flower of Edinburgh

Y Foes / The Moral [Voice]

Follow My Fancy [Dilyn Serch]

Foot's Vagaries, or, Green Grow

Fox Hunter Jig

The Fox Hunter Hornpipe

French Minuet

Friary and Nun, or, The Old Friar

Fro Golier / Collier's Country

Galloping Nag

A Gavotte by Mr Humphries - ?John Humphries

Y Gerddinen / The Rowan

Gini Gini

Gini Winser / ? Guinea Wins Her [Llef Caerwynt / Winchester Cry]


Glan Feddwdod Mwyn / Pure Sweet Intoxication [ Good Humoured & Fairly Tipsy]

Glory of the [ ] [Glory of the West]

Grano's March - ?John Baptist Grano

Grano's New March - ?John Baptist Grano

Greece and Troy [Wng Cyttirawg / Near Cyttirawg]


Y Grimson Felfed / Crimson Velvet

The Gun [Tros y Garreg / Over the Stone]

Gwel Adeliad / See the Building

Handel's Water Piece - Georg Frideric Handel, 'Water Music'

The Happy Pair, or, Royal Wedding

Heavy Heart [Calon Drom]

Hey to Cooper

High Park

Highland Cake

Highland Laddie

Hit It

Hit or Miss [Hit and Miss]

Hob y Diri

Honest Jack Morgan

Honest Yorkshireman

Hope to Have [Gobaith y Dderbyn / Mel Wefus /Honeyed Lip]

The Hounds are all Out - Henry Carey

Hud Sir Fon / The Magic of Anglesey

The Humerous Drunken Song Sung by Mr Beard {sic}

Hunt the Squirrel

Hutyn Dincer / Hutyn the Tinker

Hwbad I Langoed / A Leap to Llangoed

Yr Hwch yn yr Haidd / The Sow in the Barley

I've Something Else to Do [ Rhywbeth Arall I'w Wneuthur]

Irish Whim

Jack Latin

Jack the Green

Jack's Delight

Jenny Come Tie

Jenny Dang the Weaver


John Come Kiss Me

John the Mad Man

Jolly Sailor Bold

Jones Blackhead

Key of the Cellar

Lick the World Before Me

The King Shall Enjoy His Own Again [King's Joy]

King's Delight

King's Fancy

Kings and Ffarwel [An Italian Rant / Kings and Farewell / King's Farewell / Ymdawiad y Brenin / Ffarwel Dafydd Llwyd]

King's Round [Iechyd o Gylch]

Kiss Me Fast My Mother's Coming

Kiss Me Now or Never

Lads of Dunse

Lads of Wick

Lady Byron [Dewis Meinwen / Meinwen's Choice

Lady Byron's Maggot

Lady Pilstwn [Y Fwyna'n Fyw / The Fairest Alive / Lady Puleston]

The Lady's Favourite

Larry Grogan [The London Rake's Delight]

A Lass May Look Down

The Lass of Pattie's Mill

Leave Land [Gadael Tir / Leaving the Land]

Loath to Depart [Anhawdd Ymadael / Armeida / Ffarwel y Cwmni / Farewelll to the Company]


Lovely Peggy

Lully's Minuet - ?Jean-Baptiste Lully

Lumps and Pudding [Lumps of Pudding]

Malldod Dolgellau, or, Jacla Hare / The Blight of Dolgellau, or, Jacla Hare {Malltod Dol Gellay / Lusi Hoe]

March in Rinaldo - Georg Frideric Handel, 'Rinaldo'

March in Scipio - Georg Frideric Handel, 'Scipio'

March Monk / Monck's March [Monky's March / Ymdaith Mwngc]

Marged Fwyn ach Ifan a'I Merch a'I Hwyres / Gentle Marged ach Ifan & her Daughter & Grand-daughter

Meillionen / Y Feillionen / Clover

Melinydd Anllad / The Wanton Miller

Mentra Gwen / Venture Gwen

The Merry Dancers

Merry Drunkard neu Drwy'r Pwll / or Through the Pool [Ffarwel Drwy'r Pw;; / Tri Mery Dryncars / Three Merry Drunkards]

Merry Welshes Lan / The Pure Merry Welsh Girl

Mesur Gwyliau / Holiday Metre

Miller of Mansfield

The Miller's Wedding

Miniwet Fechan / Little Minuet

Minuet by Mr Handel - ? Georg Frideric Handel

Minuet by Mr Humphries - ?John Humphries

Minuet by Sigr. Arrigoni - Carlo Arrigoni

Minuet by Sigr. Locatelli - Pietro Locatelli

Minuet by S. Leclair - Jean-Marie Leclair

Minuet in Porus - Georg Frideric Handel, 'Poro'

Miss Gamble's Frolic

Mock Nightingale

Moesen Salmon [Ola Salmon / Alaw Salmon / Moses Solomon]

Moggy Lauther [Moggy Lawder]

Moll Ross

Molly's Delight

Money in Both Pockets, or, The Rich Councillor

Morfa Rhuddlan / Rhuddlan Marsh

Mwynen Cynwyd / The Sweet Melody of Cynwyd

Mwynen Gwynedd / The Sweet Melody of Gwynedd

Mwynen Mai / The Sweet May Melody

Neithiwr ac Echnos / Last night & the Night Before

New Jerusalem

New Roger [Don Boin]

New Trumpet

Nightingale [Eos-lais]

Noble Race of Jenkin [Of Noble Race was Shinkin / Y Gadlys / The Camp of the Palace]

None Like It

Nos Galan / New Year's Eve

Now or Never

O'er the Hill and Far Away

Opsidon / ?Upside Down [Apsi Don / Ap-Si-Don / Mopsy Don / Mopcy Donn / Mopsy's Tune]

Old Darby /Hen Ddarby

Old Oxford [Peace & Plenty]

Old Rag

Old Rigadoon [New Rigaudon / A Rigaudon]

Old Roger [Roger of Coverly / Roger a Coverly /Roger de Coverley]

Old Simon the King

An Old Tune Called Cork [Cork]

Oswestry Chimes [Happy Clown / Wallpoole]

Over the Hills and Far Away

The Parlour, or, Harlequin Ranger

A Parson upon Dorothy [The Shepherd's Daughter]

Patty's Delight

Pawb Rwy'n Eu Chwennych / Everyone I Desire

Pedwar a Chwecheiniog / Four & Sixpence

Peggy Benson

Peggy Grieves Me [The Bush Aboon Traquair]

Pen Rhaw / Spade Head

Person Parish / Parson of the Parish [William Crismond]

Petticoat Loose

The Pill

Piss Upon the Grass [Nancy Dawson]

Pont y Gogledd / The Bridge of the North

The Pressgang's Jig, or, A Trip to the Tender

Prestwich Bells, or, Drive Them Hence [Prestwick Bells]

Pretender's March

Pretty Cato

Prince Eugene's March

Prince of Orange's March

Prince Rupert's March [Tyb y Tywysog / Conceit y Prince Rupert]

Princess Amelia's Birthday

Princess Augusta's Tambourine

Pudding Pie [Pudding and Pie]

Punchanello's Hornpipe, or, The Three Rusty Swords [Hwbad I Langoed]

Queen Dido [Gwen Dando / Dando's Smile]

Queen's Dreams [Breuddwyd y Frenhines]

Queensbury House

Rakes of Mellow [Rakes of Melo / Racs Mellow / Raks of Melo / Rakes of Mallow / The Mallow Fling]

Ravenscroft's Hornpipe

The Recruiting Officer, or, Book [Crutin Officer]


Rhywbeth / Something

Richmond Pole

A Rigadoon

Roaring Hornpipe


Rolling Eye [Rowling Eye]

Rolling Hornpipe

Room for Beauties

Room for Cuckolds [Hela'r Sgyfarnog / Hunting the Hare]

The Royal Sovereign

The Running Footman

Sbonc Bogel / Belly Jerk [Pepper's Black]

Scolding Wife [Scoulding Wife]

Scotch Moggy

Scotch Scollops

Scotch Tune

Sginer / ?Skinner [Ysgin Aur / Golden Robe]

Shoe Bend [Plygaid y Bedol]

Shropshire Lass

Shropshire Round


Sir Watkin's Jig

Soldier's Life [Bywyd y Milwr]

South Sea

Spanish Minuet

Spanish Pavan [Ianto o'r Coed]

Stella, Darling of the Muses

The Stock Jobber's Dream

Sukey Bids Me


The Sweet Conclusion

Sweet Richard [Wood Walton-Green / Os Wyt Risiart / If You Are Richard / Per Oslef / Per Alaw / Pure Melody]

Sweet Richard Fechan

Swllt am Garu / A Shilling for Love]

Taffy the Beggar

Thomas I Cannot

Three Sheepskins

Through the Wood Lady

Tit for Tat

Toll the Bell [Cloch Arar neu Tincian Gloch / The Mourning Bell or Toll Bell]

Toriad y Dydd / The Break of Day [Llawer a'I Chwennych]

Tri a Chwech / Three & Six

Trip Upstairs

Trip y Rhiw / The Hill Trip

Trumpet Minuet

A Trumpet Minuet by Mr Grano - ? John Baptist Grano

Trumpet Tune

Tumbling Minuet

Tweedside [Charming Moggy]

Twll yn ei Boch / A Dimple in her Cheek

Y Ty Coch / The Red House

Very Fair

Watch Pill

The Weasel

Weideman's Minuet - ?Charles Frederick Weideman

Welcome to the Country

Welsh Grounds

The Welsh Maggot, or, Red House

Wet & Weary

What Cato Advises

The Whim

White Joak [Gwingalch Morgannwg / The White Chalk of Glamorgan]

Whitelock's Coranto [Cudyn Gwyn / White Lock]

Why Did You Promise To Marry Me?

Wiar Sbloet /?We Are Spoiled [Rheged / Blodau Ffestiniog]

Wife of my Own neu Gig ar Drensiwr / or Jig on a Trencher [I've Got a Wife of my Ain]

With Early Horn - Johann Ernest Galliard, 'The Royal Chace'

Wyres Megan / Megan's Grand-Daughter [Margaret's Daughter]

The Yorkshire Trip

Young Jemmy

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