Henry Huntlea

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Quote from the VWML website

There is information about Henry Huntlea on the Camdex website (it has the BMD records for Cambridgeshire) and on the Census returns for 1881-1911. As far as can be seen, he was born 1848 and died 1930, aged 82. Henry Huntlea was classed as a musician on all the census returns apart from the 1911 one where he is a Billard Table repairer. He was quite likely a flute player as all his tunes never go lower than middle C. He probably composed most of the tunes in the book - they sound very Victorian - though there are one or two "folk" tunes towards the end of the book. His spelling wasn't the best - Marsurka is a classic example. He lived with an ever-expanding family of children in East Road in 1871 (part of Chesterton district) and continued to live in that district though he moved to Newmarket Road in 1881 (he probably needed a bigger house!) and then Sturton Street in 1911. (Mary Humphries)

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