So Now We've Gained Our Victory

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Roud 12928

Sung by mummers including Freddie James, Roms Williams & G.W. Greening, voices & probably Harry Hawkins, melodeon
Recorded in the Town Hall, Dorchester, Dorset, 14 December 1936; BBC 14289 G 14290.

As printed in the sleeve notes of The Voice of the People Volume 16 Topic Records TSCD666

1 So now we've gained our victory, we'll follow them with speed,
For it never shall be said, my boys, that Britons they do yield.

2 We'll follow them and beat them; do all that we can do,
For the bantam cock shall never crow on the plains of Waterloo.

3 We'll send him to some island that is so far away,
And hope that they will keep him there forever and a day,

4 And not let him return again to do they did before,
But keep him in some prison strong and the wars shall soon be o'er.

5 For now unto old England we shall return again,
A health there is to drink to great George, who is our king;

6 Likewise unto Lord Wellington and all his army, too,
For, if Boney lives for a hundred years, he'll remember Waterloo.