Cecil J. Sharp and Charles L. Marson (1904) ''Folk Songs From Somerset Volume 2''

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Cecil J. Sharp and Charles L. Marson (1904) Folk Songs From Somerset Volume 2 can be freely downloaded as a PDF file from the IMSLP here:  [[1]]

It contains the following 27 songs:

28. Earl Richard
29. I'm Seventeen come Sunday
30. Henry Martin
31. Sovay, Sovay
32. The Drowned Lover
33. The Crystal Spring
34. Green Bushes
35. Dabbling in the Dew
36. The Cornish Young Man
37. Just as the tide was a-flowing
38. Erin's Lovely Home
39. The True Lover's Farewell
40. The Little Turtle Dove
41. Tarry Trowsers
42. The Crafty Lover; or, The Lawyer Outwitted
43. Robin Hood and the Tanner
44. The Low Low Lands of Holland; or, The Maiden's Lament
45. The Broken Token
46. Sweet Europe
47. As I walked through the Meadows
48. The Irish Bull
49. Midsummer Fair
50. The Farmer's Daughter 51. The Twelve Days of Christmas. 1st Version
52. The Twelve Days of Christmas. 2nd Version
53. Dicky of Taunton Dean
54. The Painful Plough

Twelve of these 27 songs are also published in Cecil J. Sharp (1916) ''One Hundred English Folk Songs'' abc code for these songs is here: File:Sharp100.abc

abc code for the remaining 15 songs is here: File:Sharp Somerset 2-of-5.abc