William McGibbon, Collection 1760 index

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McGIBBON, William Title: A collection of Scots tunes for the violin or German flute, and a bass for the violoncello or harpsichord... with some additions by Robert Bremner. Publisher: London: printed for R Bremner, n.d. [BUC has 1762] 4 books in 1 vol. pp. 120. oblong 8vo.

Duncan Gray 1
Mucking of Geordy's byer [sic: byre] 2
Peggy I must love the [sic: thee] 2
Bonny Kate of Edinburgh 3
Auld Rob Morris 3
Her absence will not alter me 4
The ducks dang o'er my dadie 5
My wife she dang me 6
John Hay's bonny lassie 7
Up in the morning early 8
She rose and let me in 9
Blew bonats [sic: Blue bonnets] 10
O dear mother what shall I doe [sic] 11
Willie was a wanton wag 12
Pinkie House 12
Etrick Banks 13
Auld lang syne 14
Blink o're the burn sweet Betty [sic: o'er] 15
Magie Lawder [sic: Maggie] 16
Miss Hamilton's delight 16
An the kirk wad let me be 18
Woes my heart that we show'd sunder [sic: should] 18
Jockie blyth and gay 20
Logan Water 20
The Braes of Balanden [sic: Ballindine] 21
When she came ben she bobed 22
The flowers of the forest 23
The lass of Paties mill 24
Alloa House 25
Thro the wood laddie 26
If e'er ye do well its a wonder 27
Corn riggs are bonny 28 vol. 2 Lochaber 29
Will you go to Flanders 30
Gordon Castle [31]
Bessie's Haggies [sic: haggis] 32
Bonny Christie 33
Bonnocks of beer meal [sic: Bannocks of barley meal] 34
Rosline Castle [sic] 35
The Birks of Envermay [sic: Invermay] 35
Down the burn Davie 36
Gillicrankie [sic: Killiecrankie] 37
The peer of Leith [sic: pier] 38
Bonny Dundee 39
Farewell my Peggy witty Peggy 39
When the king came o'er the water 40
Green growes the rashes [sic] 41
Come hap me with thy petticoat 42
An ye had been where I have been you would not been so canty 43
Katharine Ogie 44
The Banks of Forth 44
Clout the caldron [sic: cauldron] [45]
The boat man 46
Jigg [sic] 47
Busk ye my bonny bride 48
Cock up your beaver 49
There's three good fellows ayont yon glen 50
To danton me 51
Gin ye won ne take me ye may let me bee [sic] 52
Wap at the widow my laddie 53
A parcel of rogues in a nation 53
Moorland Willie 54
A rock and a wi pickle tow 54
Hey tuti tatey [sic] 55
Nansys to the green wood gane [sic: Nancy] 56
Steer her up and had her gaun 57
Fy gar rub her o'er wi straw 58
The flowers of Edinburgh 59
Mary Scot 60
The bonniest lass in a the warld 61
Sleepy body 61
My mother's ay glowring o'er me 62
Carle and the king come 63
Sae merry as we have been 63
Love is the cause of my mourning 64
The bush aboon Traquair 65
I love my love in secret 66
The broom of Cowdonknows [sic: Cowdenknows] 67
Tweed Side 68
Ther's my thumb I'll ne'er beguile you [sic: there's] 69
Cumbernauld House 69
Gilder Roy 70
Bonny Jean of Aberdeen, My Nanio 71
Dainty Davie 72
Bessie Bell 73
The Banks of Spey 73
The Bonnie black eagle 74
Put the gown upon the bishop 75
The mill mill O 76
I'll never leave thee 76
Roben Cushie [sic] 77
Dumbarton drums 77
Saw ye nae my Peggy 78
The suttors of Selkirk 79
Allan Water 79
The last time I came o'er the moor 80
Polwart on the green 80
The bottom of the punch bowl 81
Leith Wynd 82
Ann thou were my ain thing 83
The highland laddie 83
I wish my love were in a myre 84
The yellow haird laddie [sic]
Hey Jenney come down to Jock [sic] 85
Sour plumbs [sic: plums] 85
There'll never be peace till Jamie comes home 86
Waly Waly 87
My apron dearie 88
The East Nook of Fife [sic: Neuk] [89]
For the lack of gold she left me 90
My joe Jannet [sic: Janet] 91
McPherson's farewell 92
Where Helen lies 93
John come kiss me now 94
Country lassie 94
Leander on the bay 96
William's ghost 96
O'er the hills and far awa 97
Benny side [sic] 97
Fee him father 98
The 14th of October 98
The bonny gray ey'd morning [sic: grey] 99
Fife and all about it 99
Northern lass 100
Earl Dougls's lament 100
Had awa frae me Donald 101
Old Sir Symon the king 102
Cromlets lilt 102
The bonny Earl of Murray 102
John Ochiltree 104
The waaking of the fauld [sic: waking] 104
Barbara Allan 105
Tarry Wool [sic] 105
Gil Morice 106
The bonnie brucket lassie
Johnie Faa 107
Chevy Chase 107
Here awa there awa 108
Take your auld cloak about you 108
Hooly and fairly 109
Jack Laten 110
Low down in the broom 110
The blaithrie o'it 112
Pentland Hills 112
Jokie the blythest [sic: Jockie] 113
New Maggie Lauder 114
Leader haughs and yarrow 114
Laddie lay near me 116
Fye on the wars 117
O'er the muir to Maggie [118]
Cold frostie morning 119
The collier's bonny daughter 119
Good night and joy be we you all [120]