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Here is some guidance about what is and is not acceptable on Folkopedia.


Profanity & Obscenity

Given that the prime use of this wiki is educational, then the use of bad language is obviously not acceptable. Any such occurences will be deleted immediately. Senior editors may decide to revoke editing rights if necessary.

However, there may be instances where the use of a particular word occurs in a song or play text which could be considered profane or obscene. In this case, the decision on how to deal with this will lie with the Senior Category Editor and/or Section Editor.

Sexist, Racist, etc.

When you are dealing with history you are cataloguing the bad bits as well as the good bits. There will be issues of how to present some of the old subject material in this modern age. Shanties might well cause some problems. Apply sensible solutions and if in doubt, consult the Senior Category Editor and/or the Section Editor.

Any contribution which contravenes the law will be simple to deal with.

Information about you

Folkopedia is not personal web space for its users. Please feel free to put a reasonable amount of information on your user page which you can get to by clicking on your login name at the top of each page, but don't create further pages for yourself. The site is not about you. Link to your own web site or sites relevant to Folkopedia and to internal pages of Folkopedia content to draw peoples attention to your contributions.

--JohnnyAdams 11:25, 10 March 2007 (UTC)