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What a useful list!

The very last item (as of now) is a link to PDFs at the VWML for Wright's "Compleat Collection of Celebrated Country Dances". I followed it, and as far as I can tell, there are no PDFs, just images readable online via their own web-based reader app. I was asked by a local dance leader about one of the tunes/dances in this collection, Unconstand Cloe, which the index lists as #200, the last one on the last page. But the reader only shows me pages up to 99, which contains tune 197 (The Mountebank) and 198 (Zinzans Maggot); the right-arrow (a big ">" symbol) refuses to advance to the next page. Such a tease! If there were actual PDFs, maybe I could find it that way, but they don't seem to exist, or are well hidden.

Anyway, I thought I mention this, in case someone here knows something that I don't about how to navigate the VWML site, and can add info or a link for how to actually find the PDFs. Alternatively, the description could be changed to not say "PDFs", though I'm not sure how to concisely describe what the site actually presents to visitors.

(Now if I can find a way to contact a knowledgeable human at VWML ... ;-)