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Held in Bury Archive. CNR/17/1.

Information from A and J Seymour.

It belonged to a James Taylor of Tottington and contains (1 page per line):

Speed the Plough/The Maid of Carlisle/Kiss Me Faster
The Cuckoo Solo - A Concerto (2 pages)
Sweeps Hornpipe/The Indian Melody/Waltz part 1
Untitled/Waltz continued
Chips and Shavings/Peter Street Dance
The Hair (sic) in the Corn/A Reel
Paddy Wack/The Self/Soldiers Joy
The Liverpool Hornpipe/Stage Hornpipe
Speed the Plough/Untitled/Untitled
Untitled continued/Collier's Lass/The Russian Dance (My list has
Smack the Windes/The Copenagens Waltz/Massons Apron (these and subsequent
spellings all sic)
Mosarts Walts
St Helenas Walts/The Last Rose of Summer
Untitled/A Waltz
Stage Walts/Untitled
Untitled/Caledonian March
O Nanny with Embellishments (2 pages )
The Irish Emegrants March

Then come 3 loose sheets with:
continuation of an unidentified tune
Lady Hamilton's Waltz - cont on 3rd sheet

Then come some songs, with words, all in 3 parts:
Let the scene with joy be crown'd.../Catch - How great is the pleasure
A Comic Glee (Dame Durden - end missing)
Glee No 3 - A Little Farm Well Till'd

And back to the tunes
Duida Waltz
Valentine's March
Grand March in Alfred the Great
   "          " continued/Death March in Saul
A Favourite Spanish Polka
The Alpine Quadrille
Uncle Ned song and polka (2 pages + cont. on next)
Uncle Ned cont./The Mariners Grave/Granidier
Granidier cont./Breakdown Hornpipe by Radford
7 empty pages

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