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'''Songs noted in the MT Records booklets as having been 'in the repertoire of' various singers:'''
'''Songs noted in the MT Records booklets as having been 'in the repertoire of' various singers:'''
''39-45 Star'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[39-45 Star]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''A Picture No Artist Can Paint'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[A Picture No Artist Can Paint]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''A Regiment of Young Men'', Wiggy Smith<BR>
''[[A Regiment of Young Men]]'', [[Wiggy Smith]]<BR>
''A Ship to Old England Came'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1424<BR>
''[[A Ship to Old England Came]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1424]]<BR>
''After the Ball'', Bob Hart, Roud 485<BR>
''[[After the Ball]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 485]]<BR>
''All Getting Older Together'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[All Getting Older Together]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''All Through the Night'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[All Through the Night]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Anchors Weighed'', George Townshend<BR>
''[[Anchors Weighed]]'', [[George Townshend]]<BR>
''As I Wandered by the Brookside'', Walter Pardon, Roud 2418<BR>
''[[Are Ye Sleepin Maggie?]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Auld Maid in a Garret'', Daisy Chapman, Roud 802<BR>
''[[As I Wandered by the Brookside]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 2418]]<BR>
''Balaclava'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1443<BR>
''[[Auld Beggar Man Dressed In Green, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Bang Away Lulu'', Wiggy Smith<BR>
''[[Auld Maid in a Garret, An]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]], [[Roud 802]]<BR>
''Banks of Allen Water'', Walter Pardon, Roud 4260<BR>
''[[Auld Maid in a Garret, An]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Banks of Inverurie'', Daisy Chapman, Roud 1415<BR>
''[[Auld Man Cam Coortin, An]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 210]]<BR>
''Banks of the Nile'', Walter Pardon, Roud 950<BR>
''[[Balaclava]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1443]]<BR>
''Banks of the Sweet Dundee'', Walter Pardon, Roud 148<BR>
''[[Ballad of Cindy, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Barley Mow'', Cyril Poacher, Roud 944<BR>
''[[Bang Away Lulu]]'', [[Wiggy Smith]]<BR>
''Black-Eyed Susan'', Bob Hart, Roud 560<BR>
''[[Banks of Allen Water]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 4260]]<BR>
''Bluebell'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Banks of Inverurie]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]], [[Roud 1415]]<BR>
''Bold Fisherman'', Walter Pardon, Roud 291<BR>
''[[Banks of the Nile]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 950]]<BR>
''Bold Princess Royal'', Walter Pardon, Roud 528<BR>
''[[Banks of the Sweet Dundee]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 148]]<BR>
''Bold William Taylor'', Bob Hart, Roud 158<BR>
''[[Barley Mow]]'', [[Cyril Poacher]], [[Roud 944]]<BR>
''Boney crossing the Alps'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Beggar Cam Owre the Lea]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Bonnie Lass o' Lownie'', Daisy Chapman<BR>
''[[Black-Eyed Susan]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 560]]<BR>
''Bonny Bunch of Roses-O'', Walter Pardon, Roud 664<BR>
''[[Bluebell]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Boy at the Auction'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Bold Fisherman]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 291]]<BR>
''Boys of the Old Brigade'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Bold Princess Royal]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 528]]<BR>
''Break the News to Mother'', Walter Pardon, Roud 4322<BR>
''[[Bold William Taylor]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 158]]<BR>
''Bright Golden Store'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1638<BR>
''[[Boney crossing the Alps]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''British Man-of-War'', Walter Pardon, Roud 372<BR>
''[[Bonnie Lass o' Lownie]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]]<BR>
''Broomfield Wager'', Walter Pardon, Roud 34<BR>
''[[Bonny Bunch of Roses-O]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 664]]<BR>
''Bull and Bush'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Bonny Hoose o Airlie, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 794]]<BR>
''Bundle Rolled In Her Apron'', George Townshend, Roud 899<BR>
''[[Boy at the Auction]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Burden of the Spray'', Cyril Poacher<BR>
''[[Boys of the Old Brigade]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''By the Side of the Zuider Zee'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Break the News to Mother]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 4322]]<BR>
''Carolina Moon'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Bright Golden Store]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1638]]<BR>
''Christians Rejoice'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[British Man-of-War]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 372]]<BR>
''Church Bells they were Ringing'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Broomfield Wager]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 34]]<BR>
''Come Little Leaves'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1775<BR>
''[[Bull and Bush]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Common Man'', George Townshend<BR>
''[[Bundle Rolled In Her Apron]]'', [[George Townshend]], [[Roud 899]]<BR>
''Cottage where I was Born'', Daisy Chapman<BR>
''[[Burden of the Spray]]'', [[Cyril Poacher]]<BR>
''Crystal Chandeliers'', Cyril Poacher<BR>
''[[By the Side of the Zuider Zee]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Cunning Cobbler'', George Townshend, Roud 174<BR>
''[[Carolina Moon]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Cunning Cobbler'', Walter Pardon, Roud 174<BR>
''[[Christians Rejoice]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Dark Eyed Sailor'', Cyril Poacher, Roud 265<BR>
''[[Church Bells they were Ringing]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Dark-Eyed Sailor'', Walter Pardon, Roud 265<BR>
''[[Come Little Leaves]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1775]]<BR>
''Darling Mabel'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Common Man]]'', [[George Townshend]]<BR>
''Death of Nelson'', Bob Hart, Roud 3549<BR>
''[[Cottage where I was Born]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]]<BR>
''Deserter'', Walter Pardon, Roud 493<BR>
''[[Crystal Chandeliers]]'', [[Cyril Poacher]]<BR>
''Devil and the Farmer's Wife'', Walter Pardon, Roud 160<BR>
''[[Cunning Cobbler]]'', [[George Townshend]], [[Roud 174]]<BR>
''Don't Go Down the Mine Dad'', Walter Pardon, Roud 2334<BR>
''[[Cunning Cobbler]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 174]]<BR>
''Don't Sell My Mother's Bible'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Cuttie’s Weddin]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Down by the Dark Arches'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1442<BR>
''[[Dark Eyed Sailor]]'', [[Cyril Poacher]], [[Roud 265]]<BR>
''Early Morn'', George Townshend<BR>
''[[Dark-Eyed Sailor]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 265]]<BR>
''Eat More Fruit'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Darling Mabel]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Election Chants'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Daughter of Talconnel, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''End of a Perfect Day'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Davy Faa]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 118]]<BR>
''False Hearted Sailor'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Death of Nelson]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 3549]]<BR>
''Farmer's Boy'', Bob Hart, Roud 408<BR>
''[[Deserter]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 493]]<BR>
''Farmer's Boy'', Walter Pardon, Roud 408<BR>
''[[Devil and the Farmer's Wife]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 160]]<BR>
''Female Cabin Boy'', Walter Pardon, Roud 239<BR>
''[[Ding Dong the Catholic Bells]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Female Drummer'', Walter Pardon, Roud 226<BR>
''[[Don't Go Down the Mine Dad]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 2334]]<BR>
''Fiddler Joe'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Don't Sell My Mother's Bible]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Fireman'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Dowie Dens of Yarrow, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 13]]<BR>
''Follow the Van'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Down by the Dark Arches]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1442]]<BR>
''Galway Bay'', Cyril Poacher, Roud 9306<BR>
''[[Early Morn]]'', [[George Townshend]]<BR>
''Galway Bay'', Walter Pardon, Roud 9306<BR>
''[[Eat More Fruit]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Gathering Bluebells'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Edward]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 200]]<BR>
''Gems of Auld Scotia'', Daisy Chapman<BR>
''[[Election Chants]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Genevieve'', George Dunn'', 13643<BR>
''[[End of a Perfect Day]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Go and Leave Me if You Wish It'', Walter Pardon, Roud 459<BR>
''[[Fair at Balnafannon, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 2894]]<BR>
''Go to Sleep my Little Piccaninny'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[False Hearted Sailor]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''God Send You Back to Me'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Far Over the Forth]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 3360]]<BR>
''Golden Wedding'', Walter Pardon, Roud 10692<BR>
''[[Farmer's Boy]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 408]]<BR>
''Good Rhine Wine'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Farmer's Boy]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 408]]<BR>
''Gooseberry Tree'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13626<BR>
''[[Female Cabin Boy]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 239]]<BR>
''Grace Darling'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1441<BR>
''[[Female Drummer]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 226]]<BR>
''Granny's Song at Twilight'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Fiddler Joe]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Gypsy's Warning'', George Townshend, Roud 1764<BR>
''[[Fireman]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Hearts of Oak'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[First to Come Was the Colonel’s Wife]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Help One Another Boys'', Walter Pardon, Roud 12900<BR>
''[[Follow the Van]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Hiking Song'', Daisy Chapman<BR>
''[[Galway Bay]]'', [[Cyril Poacher]], [[Roud 9306]]<BR>
''Home on the Farm'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Galway Bay]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 9306]]<BR>
''Home Sweet Home'', Smith Family, Roud 13449<BR>
''[[Gathering Bluebells]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''How Beautiful Upon the Mountain'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Gems of Auld Scotia]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]]<BR>
''Hungry Army'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1746<BR>
''[[Genevieve]]'', [[George Dunn]], [[13643]]<BR>
''I Don't Care if there's a Girl There'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13647<BR>
''[[Glenlogie]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 101]]<BR>
''I Traced Her Little Footprints in the Snow'', Walter Pardon, Roud 2660<BR>
''[[Go and Leave Me if You Wish It]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 459]]<BR>
''I Want to See the Old Home Again'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Go to Sleep my Little Piccaninny]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''I Wish I Were Single Again'', George Townshend, Roud 437<BR>
''[[God Send You Back to Me]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''I Wish'', I Wish'', Walter Pardon, Roud 495<BR>
''[[Gold Victoree, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 122]]<BR>
''I Wonder if You Miss Me Sometimes?'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Golden Wedding]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 10692]]<BR>
''I'll Beat the Drum Again'', Walter Pardon, Roud 226<BR>
''[[Good Rhine Wine]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1444<BR>
''[[Gooseberry Tree]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13626]]<BR>
''I'll Pay When I'm a Man'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Grace Darling]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1441]]<BR>
''I'll Take you Home Again'', Kathleen'', George Dunn, Roud 12907<BR>
''[[Granny's Song at Twilight]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''I'll Take You Home Again'', Kathleen'', Walter Pardon, Roud 12907<BR>
''[[Gypsy's Warning]]'', [[George Townshend]], [[Roud 1764]]<BR>
''I'll Walk Beside You'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Hearts of Oak]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''I'm Sorry I Made You Cry'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Help One Another Boys]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 12900]]<BR>
''I've Had a Letter'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Hiking Song]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]]<BR>
''If I were a Blackbird'', Bob Hart, Roud 387<BR>
''[[Home on the Farm]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''If I were a Blackbird'', Cyril Poacher, Roud 387<BR>
''[[Home Sweet Home]]'', [[Smith Family]], [[Roud 13449]]<BR>
''If Those Lips Could Only Speak'', Bob Hart, Roud 5307<BR>
''[[How Beautiful Upon the Mountain]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''If Those Lips Could Only Speak'', Walter Pardon, Roud 5307<BR>
''[[Hungry Army]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1746]]<BR>
''In a Wayside Cottage'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[I Don't Care if there's a Girl There]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13647]]<BR>
''In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree'', Bob Hart, Roud 10242<BR>
''[[I Traced Her Little Footprints in the Snow]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 2660]]<BR>
''In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree'', Walter Pardon, Roud 10242<BR>
''[[I Want to See the Old Home Again]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Irish Girl'', Walter Pardon, Roud 308<BR>
''[[I Wish I Were Single Again]]'', [[George Townshend]], [[Roud 437]]<BR>
''Irish Molly-O'', Walter Pardon, Roud 2168<BR>
''[[I Wish]]'', [[I Wish]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 495]]<BR>
''It's Hard to Say Goodbye'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[I Wonder if You Miss Me Sometimes?]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Jack be Nimble'', Jack be Quick'', Bob Hart, Roud 13902<BR>
''[[I'll Beat the Drum Again]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 226]]<BR>
''Jack Hall'', Walter Pardon, Roud 369<BR>
''[[I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1444]]<BR>
''Jack Tar Ashore'', Walter Pardon, Roud 919<BR>
''[[I'll Pay When I'm a Man]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Jackie Boy'', Master'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1519<BR>
''[[I'll Take you Home Again, Kathleen]]'', [[George Dunn]], [[Roud 12907]]<BR>
''John Bull'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 12907]]<BR>
''Jolly Wagoner'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1088<BR>
''[[I'll Walk Beside You]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Jones's Ale'', Walter Pardon, Roud 139<BR>
''[[I'm Sorry I Made You Cry]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Just a Song at Twilight'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[I've Had a Letter]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Just an Old Fashioned Lady'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[If I were a Blackbird]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 387]]<BR>
''Keep Right on to the End of the Road'', George Dunn, Roud 0<BR>
''[[If I were a Blackbird]]'', [[Cyril Poacher]], [[Roud 387]]<BR>
''Keep the Home Fires Burning'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[If Those Lips Could Only Speak]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 5307]]<BR>
''Keeper'', The'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1519<BR>
''[[If Those Lips Could Only Speak]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 5307]]<BR>
''Lads in Navy Blue'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[In a Wayside Cottage]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Lawyer'', Walter Pardon, Roud 922<BR>
''[[In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 10242]]<BR>
''Let the Wind Blow High or Low'', Walter Pardon, Roud 308<BR>
''[[In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 10242]]<BR>
''Lincolnshire Poacher'', Bob Hart, Roud 299<BR>
''[[Irish Girl]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 308]]<BR>
''Litte Drummer Boy'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Irish Molly-O]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 2168]]<BR>
''Little Grey Home in the West'', Walter Pardon, Roud 12911<BR>
''[[It's Hard to Say Goodbye]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane'', Walter Pardon, Roud 2473<BR>
''[[Jack be Nimble]]'', [[Jack be Quick]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 13902]]<BR>
''Lizzie Lindsay'', Daisy Chapman, Roud 94<BR>
''[[Jack Hall]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 369]]<BR>
''Loch Lomond'', Walter Pardon, Roud 9598<BR>
''[[Jack Tar Ashore]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 919]]<BR>
''London Bridge is Falling Down'', George Dunn, Roud 502<BR>
''[[Jackie Boy]]'', [[Master]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1519]]<BR>
''Long Trail a-Winding'', Walter Pardon, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Jock Stewart]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Long'', Long Trail a Winding'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[John Bull]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Maid of Australia'', Walter Pardon'', 1872<BR>
''[[Jolly Beggar, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 118]]<BR>
''Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo'', Walter Pardon, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Jolly Wagoner]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1088]]<BR>
''Maria'', my Girl'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Jones's Ale]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 139]]<BR>
''Memories'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Just a Song at Twilight]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Men of Merry England'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13658<BR>
''[[Just an Old Fashioned Lady]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Mermaid'', Daisy Chapman, Roud 124<BR>
''[[Keep Right on to the End of the Road]]'', [[George Dunn]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Merry Mountain Band'', George Townshend<BR>
''[[Keep the Home Fires Burning]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Miller and His Sons'', Walter Pardon, Roud 138<BR>
''[[Keeper, The]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1519]]<BR>
''Miner's Dream of Home'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1749<BR>
''[[Lads in Navy Blue]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Minstrel Boy'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13867<BR>
''[[Lady Mary Ann]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 31]]<BR>
''Mother Machree'', Walter Pardon, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Laird o Drum, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 247]]<BR>
''Muckin o' Geordie's Byre'', Daisy Chapman, Roud 2137<BR>
''[[Laird o the Dainty Dounby, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 864]]<BR>
''My Father Keeps a Crowing Cock'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Lawyer]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 922]]<BR>
''My Grandfather's Clock'', Bob Hart, Roud 4326<BR>
''[[Let the Wind Blow High or Low]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 308]]<BR>
''My Grandfather's Clock'', Walter Pardon, Roud 4326<BR>
''[[Lincolnshire Poacher]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 299]]<BR>
''My Little Old Bedford Let Me Down'', Wiggy Smith<BR>
''[[Litte Drummer Boy]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''My Old Kentucky Home'', Bob Hart, Roud 9564<BR>
''[[Little Ball of Yarn, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 1404]]<BR>
''My Souvenirs'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Little Grey Home in the West]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 12911]]<BR>
''My Wild Irish Rose'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 2473]]<BR>
''Nicky Tams'', Daisy Chapman, Roud 1875<BR>
''[[Lizzie Lindsay]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]], [[Roud 94]]<BR>
''No Man's Land'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Loch Lomond]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 9598]]<BR>
''No Rose in all the World'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[London Bridge is Falling Down]]'', [[George Dunn]], [[Roud 502]]<BR>
''Off to Philadelphia'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Long Trail a-Winding]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Oh Master the Tempest is Raging'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Long]]'', [[Long Trail a Winding]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Oh Molly Riley'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Lord Ronald]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 10]]<BR>
''Oh Reapers in the Whitened Harvest'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Love is Teasing]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 1049]]<BR>
''Old Brown's Daughter'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1426<BR>
''[[Lovely Molly]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 15]]<BR>
''Old King Cole'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1164<BR>
''[[Ma Grannie's Got a Tripe Shop]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Old Miser'', Walter Pardon, Roud 3913<BR>
''[[Maid of Australia]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[1872]]<BR>
''Old Parson Brown'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill'', Walter Pardon, Roud 3792<BR>
''[[Maria]]'', [[My Girl]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Old Rustic Bridge'', Bob Hart, Roud 3792<BR>
''[[Mary Hamilton]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 79]]<BR>
''Old Rustic Bridge'', George Townshend, Roud 3792<BR>
''[[Memories]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Old Shep'', Bob Hart, Roud 1499<BR>
''[[Men of Merry England]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13658]]<BR>
''On a Summer's Night'', Bob Hart, Roud 1497<BR>
''[[Mermaid]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]], [[Roud 124]]<BR>
''One Cold Morning in December'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1745<BR>
''[[Mermaid, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 124]]<BR>
''One of the Best'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Merry Mountain Band]]'', [[George Townshend]]<BR>
''Only a Beautiful Picture in a Beautiful Golden Frame'', Walter Pardon, Roud 5307<BR>
''[[Miller and His Sons]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 138]]<BR>
''Pack up Your Troubles'', Bob Hart, Roud Roud 0<BR>
''[[Miner's Dream of Home]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1749]]<BR>
''Peggy Bawn'', Walter Pardon, Roud 661<BR>
''[[Miner’s Song, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Peggy O'Neil'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Minstrel Boy]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13867]]<BR>
''Poacher's Fate'', Walter Pardon, Roud 793<BR>
''[[Mother Machree]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Poor Rodger is Dead'', Walter Pardon, Roud 797<BR>
''[[Muckin o' Geordie's Byre]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]], [[Roud 2137]]<BR>
''Pretty Ploughboy'', Walter Pardon, Roud 186<BR>
''[[My Father Keeps a Crowing Cock]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Put me Among the Girls'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[My Grandfather's Clock]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 4326]]<BR>
''Raggle Taggle Gypsies'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1<BR>
''[[My Grandfather's Clock]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 4326]]<BR>
''Rakish Young Fellow'', Walter Pardon, Roud 829<BR>
''[[My Little Old Bedford Let Me Down]]'', [[Wiggy Smith]]<BR>
''Rambling Blade'', Walter Pardon, Roud 490<BR>
''[[My Old Kentucky Home]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 9564]]<BR>
''Red Sails in the Sunset'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[My Souvenirs]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Remember Me'', George Townshend<BR>
''[[My Wild Irish Rose]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Ring for the Girl I Love'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Nicky Tams]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]], [[Roud 1875]]<BR>
''Ring the Bell Watchman'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13630<BR>
''[[No Man's Land]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Ring the Bell'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[No Rose in all the World]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Ring Your Mother Wore'', The'', Wiggy Smith<BR>
''[[Off to Philadelphia]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Roast Beef of Old England'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Oh are ye Sleepin Maggie]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Robin Adair'', Walter Pardon, Roud 8918<BR>
''[[Oh Master the Tempest is Raging]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Roman Soldiers'', Walter Pardon, Roud 8255<BR>
''[[Oh Molly Riley]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Rose of Tralee'', Bob Hart, Roud 1978<BR>
''[[Oh Reapers in the Whitened Harvest]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Roses of Picardy'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Old Brown's Daughter]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1426]]<BR>
''Rule Britannia'', Bob Hart, Roud 10790<BR>
''[[Old King Cole]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1164]]<BR>
''She is Handsome'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Old Miser]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 3913]]<BR>
''She Stood in a Working Man's Dwelling'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Old Parson Brown]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Shepherd of the Hills'', Walter Pardon, Roud 1215<BR>
''[[Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 3792]]<BR>
''Ship that Never Returned'', Bob Hart, Roud 775<BR>
''[[Old Rustic Bridge]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 3792]]<BR>
''Ship that Never Returned'', Walter Pardon, Roud 775<BR>
''[[Old Rustic Bridge]]'', [[George Townshend]], [[Roud 3792]]<BR>
''Sitting on the Stile'', Mary'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Old Shep]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 1499]]<BR>
''Smile Awhile'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[On a Summer's Night]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 1497]]<BR>
''Smiling Through'', Walter Pardon, Roud 0<BR>
''[[One Cold Morning in December]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1745]]<BR>
''Spaniard that Blighted My Life'', Bob Hart, Roud 10666<BR>
''[[One of the Best]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Spanish Ladies'', Walter Pardon, Roud 687<BR>
''[[Only a Beautiful Picture in a Beautiful Golden Frame]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 5307]]<BR>
''Steam Arm'', Walter Pardon, Roud 4817<BR>
''[[Overgate, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 866]]<BR>
''Sweet Marie'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Pack up Your Troubles]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud Roud 0]]<BR>
''Sweet Marie'', Walter Pardon, Roud 11353<BR>
''[[Peggy Bawn]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 661]]<BR>
''Sweet William'', Wiggy Smith<BR>
''[[Peggy O'Neil]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Sweetheart May'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Poacher's Fate]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 793]]<BR>
''Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty'', Bob Hart, Roud 10669<BR>
''[[Poor Rodger is Dead]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 797]]<BR>
''Tanks in Picardy'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Pretty Fair Maid from London Town, A]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Teddy O'Neil'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Pretty Ploughboy]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 186]]<BR>
''There is Somebody Waiting for Me'', Walter Pardon, Roud 7394<BR>
''[[Put me Among the Girls]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''There was a Frog lived in a Well'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Raggle Taggle Gypsies]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1]]<BR>
''There's a Light in the Window'', Walter Pardon, Roud 4288<BR>
''[[Rakish Young Fellow]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 829]]<BR>
''There's a Secret in my Heart'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Rambling Blade]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 490]]<BR>
''There's No Place Like the Old Home'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Rape, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Thousands or More'', George Townshend, Roud 1220<BR>
''[[Red Sails in the Sunset]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Topman and the Afterguard'', Walter Pardon, Roud 350<BR>
''[[Remember Me]]'', [[George Townshend]]<BR>
''Trees they Do Grow High'', Walter Pardon, Roud 31<BR>
''[[Ring for the Girl I Love]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''Twenty-one years'', Wiggy Smith<BR>
''[[Ring the Bell Watchman]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13630]]<BR>
''Two Eyes of Blue'', Daisy Chapman<BR>
''[[Ring the Bell]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Two Jolly Butchers'', Walter Pardon, Roud 17<BR>
''[[Ring Your Mother Wore, The]]'', [[Wiggy Smith]]<BR>
''Two Little Boys'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Rise an Fight ye Hielan Chiels]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Two Little Girls in Blue'', Walter Pardon, Roud 2793<BR>
''[[Roast Beef of Old England]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''Up to the Rigs of London Town'', Walter Pardon, Roud 868<BR>
''[[Robin Adair]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 8918]]<BR>
''Van Diemen's Land'', Walter Pardon, Roud 519<BR>
''[[Rock and a Reel and a Wee Bittie Cloot, A]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Varmer Giles'', Bob Hart, Roud 1744<BR>
''[[Roman Soldiers]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 8255]]<BR>
''Village Pump'', Bob Hart, Roud 0<BR>
''[[Rose of Tralee]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 1978]]<BR>
''Wanderer'', George Townshend<BR>
''[[Roses of Picardy]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Wanderer'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Rule Britannia]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 10790]]<BR>
''Watch Over You when You were a Baby'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Seasons, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Waters of Kyleskewe'', Daisy Chapman<BR>
''[[She is Handsome]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''We Used to Gather at the Old Dunn Cow'', Bob Hart, Roud 13903<BR>
''[[She Stood in a Working Man's Dwelling]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''We'll All Go the Same Way Home'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Shepherd of the Hills]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 1215]]<BR>
''What a Time'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Ship that Never Returned]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 775]]<BR>
''When I Wore a Tunic'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Ship that Never Returned]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 775]]<BR>
''When Sunset Turns the Ocean Blue to Gold'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Sitting on the Stile]]'', [[Mary]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''When the Fields are White with Daisies'', Bob Hart, Roud 13633<BR>
''[[Smile Awhile]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''When the Fields are White with Daisies'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13633<BR>
''[[Smiling Through]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''When the Great Red Dawn is Shining'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Spaniard that Blighted My Life]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 10666]]<BR>
''When the Great Red Dawn is Shining'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Spanish Ladies]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 687]]<BR>
''When the Poppies Bloom Again'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Steam Arm]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 4817]]<BR>
''When They Ask You What Your Name Is'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Still I Love Him]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 654]]<BR>
''When You and I were Seventeen'''', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Sweet Marie]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Sweet Marie]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 11353]]<BR>
''When You Wore a Tulip'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Sweet Trinity, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 122]]<BR>
''Who Will O'er the Downs'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Sweet William]]'', [[Wiggy Smith]]<BR>
''Why Have I No Daddy'', Mummy?'', Bob Hart<BR>
''[[Sweetheart May]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Wild Rover'', George Dunn, Roud 1173<BR>
''[[Tak the Buckles fae your Shin]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''Wild Rover'', George Townshend, Roud 1173<BR>
''[[Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 10669]]<BR>
''Will You Love Me in December?'', Walter Pardon<BR>
''[[Tanks in Picardy]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''William Taylor'', George Dunn, Roud 158<BR>
''[[Teddy O'Neil]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Won't You Come to Me in Canada?'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13634<BR>
''[[There is Somebody Waiting for Me]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 7394]]<BR>
''Woodman Spare that Tree'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13833<BR>
''[[There was a Frog lived in a Well]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Wreck of the Lifeboat'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13632<BR>
''[[There's a Light in the Window]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 4288]]<BR>
''Wreck of the Ramillies'', Walter Pardon, Roud 523<BR>
''[[There's a Secret in my Heart]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''Write Me a Letter from Home'', Walter Pardon, Roud 13640<BR>
''[[There's No Place Like the Old Home]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''Yellow Rose of Texas'', Walter Pardon, Roud 2800<BR>
''[[Thousands or More]]'', [[George Townshend]], [[Roud 1220]]<BR>
''You Generals All (Marlborough)'', Walter Pardon, Roud 233<BR>
''[[Three times Round went the Gallant Ship]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 122]]<BR>
''Young Sailor Bold'', George Dunn<BR>
''[[Tooraling]]'', [[Tooraladdy]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''[[Topman and the Afterguard]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 350]]<BR>
''[[Trees they Do Grow High]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 31]]<BR>
''[[Trooper and the Maid, The]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 162]]<BR>
''[[Turra Market]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 2136]]<BR>
''[[Twelve o’clock is Ringing]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''[[Twenty-one years]]'', [[Wiggy Smith]]<BR>
''[[Two Eyes of Blue]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]]<BR>
''[[Two Jolly Butchers]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 17]]<BR>
''[[Two Little Boys]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''[[Two Little Girls in Blue]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 2793]]<BR>
''[[Up to the Rigs of London Town]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 868]]<BR>
''[[Van Diemen's Land]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 519]]<BR>
''[[Varmer Giles]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 1744]]<BR>
''[[Village Pump]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 0]]<BR>
''[[Wanderer]]'', [[George Townshend]]<BR>
''[[Wanderer]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''[[Watch Over You when You were a Baby]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''[[Waters of Kyleskewe]]'', [[Daisy Chapman]]<BR>
''[[We Used to Gather at the Old Dunn Cow]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 13903]]<BR>
''[[We'll All Go the Same Way Home]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''[[What a Time]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''[[Wha’s at the Windae]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''[[When I Was a Hedger and Ditcher]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''[[When I Wore a Tunic]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''[[When Sunset Turns the Ocean Blue to Gold]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''[[When the Fields are White with Daisies]]'', [[Bob Hart]], [[Roud 13633]]<BR>
''[[When the Fields are White with Daisies]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13633]]<BR>
''[[When the Great Red Dawn is Shining]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''[[When the Great Red Dawn is Shining]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''[[When the Poppies Bloom Again]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''[[When They Ask You What Your Name Is]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''[[When You and I were Seventeen]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''[[When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''[[When You Wore a Tulip]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''[[Who will Buy my Pretty Flowers]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]]<BR>
''[[Who Will O'er the Downs]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>
''[[Why Have I No Daddy, Mummy?]]'', [[Bob Hart]]<BR>
''[[Wild Rover]]'', [[George Dunn]], [[Roud 1173]]<BR>
''[[Wild Rover]]'', [[George Townshend]], [[Roud 1173]]<BR>
''[[Will You Love Me in December?]]'', [[Walter Pardon]]<BR>
''[[William Taylor]]'', [[George Dunn]], [[Roud 158]]<BR>
''[[Willie's Fatal Visit]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 244]]<BR>
''[[Willie’s Ghost]]'', [[Lizzie Higgins]], [[Roud 5136]]<BR>
''[[Won't You Come to Me in Canada?]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13634]]<BR>
''[[Woodman Spare that Tree]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13833]]<BR>
''[[Wreck of the Lifeboat]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13632]]<BR>
''[[Wreck of the Ramillies]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 523]]<BR>
''[[Write Me a Letter from Home]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 13640]]<BR>
''[[Yellow Rose of Texas]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 2800]]<BR>
''[[You Generals All (Marlborough)]]'', [[Walter Pardon]], [[Roud 233]]<BR>
''[[Young Sailor Bold]]'', [[George Dunn]]<BR>

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Songs noted in the MT Records booklets as having been 'in the repertoire of' various singers:

39-45 Star, Walter Pardon
A Picture No Artist Can Paint, Walter Pardon
A Regiment of Young Men, Wiggy Smith
A Ship to Old England Came, Walter Pardon, Roud 1424
After the Ball, Bob Hart, Roud 485
All Getting Older Together, Bob Hart
All Through the Night, Bob Hart
Anchors Weighed, George Townshend
Are Ye Sleepin Maggie?, Lizzie Higgins
As I Wandered by the Brookside, Walter Pardon, Roud 2418
Auld Beggar Man Dressed In Green, The, Lizzie Higgins
Auld Maid in a Garret, An, Daisy Chapman, Roud 802
Auld Maid in a Garret, An, Lizzie Higgins
Auld Man Cam Coortin, An, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 210
Balaclava, Walter Pardon, Roud 1443
Ballad of Cindy, The, Lizzie Higgins
Bang Away Lulu, Wiggy Smith
Banks of Allen Water, Walter Pardon, Roud 4260
Banks of Inverurie, Daisy Chapman, Roud 1415
Banks of the Nile, Walter Pardon, Roud 950
Banks of the Sweet Dundee, Walter Pardon, Roud 148
Barley Mow, Cyril Poacher, Roud 944
Beggar Cam Owre the Lea, Lizzie Higgins
Black-Eyed Susan, Bob Hart, Roud 560
Bluebell, Walter Pardon
Bold Fisherman, Walter Pardon, Roud 291
Bold Princess Royal, Walter Pardon, Roud 528
Bold William Taylor, Bob Hart, Roud 158
Boney crossing the Alps, George Dunn
Bonnie Lass o' Lownie, Daisy Chapman
Bonny Bunch of Roses-O, Walter Pardon, Roud 664
Bonny Hoose o Airlie, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 794
Boy at the Auction, George Dunn
Boys of the Old Brigade, Walter Pardon
Break the News to Mother, Walter Pardon, Roud 4322
Bright Golden Store, Walter Pardon, Roud 1638
British Man-of-War, Walter Pardon, Roud 372
Broomfield Wager, Walter Pardon, Roud 34
Bull and Bush, George Dunn
Bundle Rolled In Her Apron, George Townshend, Roud 899
Burden of the Spray, Cyril Poacher
By the Side of the Zuider Zee, Walter Pardon
Carolina Moon, Walter Pardon
Christians Rejoice, George Dunn
Church Bells they were Ringing, George Dunn
Come Little Leaves, Walter Pardon, Roud 1775
Common Man, George Townshend
Cottage where I was Born, Daisy Chapman
Crystal Chandeliers, Cyril Poacher
Cunning Cobbler, George Townshend, Roud 174
Cunning Cobbler, Walter Pardon, Roud 174
Cuttie’s Weddin, Lizzie Higgins
Dark Eyed Sailor, Cyril Poacher, Roud 265
Dark-Eyed Sailor, Walter Pardon, Roud 265
Darling Mabel, George Dunn
Daughter of Talconnel, The, Lizzie Higgins
Davy Faa, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 118
Death of Nelson, Bob Hart, Roud 3549
Deserter, Walter Pardon, Roud 493
Devil and the Farmer's Wife, Walter Pardon, Roud 160
Ding Dong the Catholic Bells, Lizzie Higgins
Don't Go Down the Mine Dad, Walter Pardon, Roud 2334
Don't Sell My Mother's Bible, George Dunn
Dowie Dens of Yarrow, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 13
Down by the Dark Arches, Walter Pardon, Roud 1442
Early Morn, George Townshend
Eat More Fruit, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Edward, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 200
Election Chants, George Dunn
End of a Perfect Day, Bob Hart
Fair at Balnafannon, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 2894
False Hearted Sailor, George Dunn
Far Over the Forth, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 3360
Farmer's Boy, Bob Hart, Roud 408
Farmer's Boy, Walter Pardon, Roud 408
Female Cabin Boy, Walter Pardon, Roud 239
Female Drummer, Walter Pardon, Roud 226
Fiddler Joe, George Dunn
Fireman, Bob Hart
First to Come Was the Colonel’s Wife, Lizzie Higgins
Follow the Van, George Dunn
Galway Bay, Cyril Poacher, Roud 9306
Galway Bay, Walter Pardon, Roud 9306
Gathering Bluebells, George Dunn
Gems of Auld Scotia, Daisy Chapman
Genevieve, George Dunn, 13643
Glenlogie, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 101
Go and Leave Me if You Wish It, Walter Pardon, Roud 459
Go to Sleep my Little Piccaninny, George Dunn
God Send You Back to Me, Bob Hart
Gold Victoree, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 122
Golden Wedding, Walter Pardon, Roud 10692
Good Rhine Wine, Walter Pardon
Gooseberry Tree, Walter Pardon, Roud 13626
Grace Darling, Walter Pardon, Roud 1441
Granny's Song at Twilight, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Gypsy's Warning, George Townshend, Roud 1764
Hearts of Oak, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Help One Another Boys, Walter Pardon, Roud 12900
Hiking Song, Daisy Chapman
Home on the Farm, George Dunn
Home Sweet Home, Smith Family, Roud 13449
How Beautiful Upon the Mountain, George Dunn
Hungry Army, Walter Pardon, Roud 1746
I Don't Care if there's a Girl There, Walter Pardon, Roud 13647
I Traced Her Little Footprints in the Snow, Walter Pardon, Roud 2660
I Want to See the Old Home Again, Walter Pardon
I Wish I Were Single Again, George Townshend, Roud 437
I Wish, I Wish, Walter Pardon, Roud 495
I Wonder if You Miss Me Sometimes?, Walter Pardon
I'll Beat the Drum Again, Walter Pardon, Roud 226
I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree, Walter Pardon, Roud 1444
I'll Pay When I'm a Man, George Dunn
I'll Take you Home Again, Kathleen, George Dunn, Roud 12907
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen, Walter Pardon, Roud 12907
I'll Walk Beside You, Walter Pardon
I'm Sorry I Made You Cry, Bob Hart
I've Had a Letter, George Dunn
If I were a Blackbird, Bob Hart, Roud 387
If I were a Blackbird, Cyril Poacher, Roud 387
If Those Lips Could Only Speak, Bob Hart, Roud 5307
If Those Lips Could Only Speak, Walter Pardon, Roud 5307
In a Wayside Cottage, George Dunn
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree, Bob Hart, Roud 10242
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree, Walter Pardon, Roud 10242
Irish Girl, Walter Pardon, Roud 308
Irish Molly-O, Walter Pardon, Roud 2168
It's Hard to Say Goodbye, Walter Pardon
Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick, Bob Hart, Roud 13902
Jack Hall, Walter Pardon, Roud 369
Jack Tar Ashore, Walter Pardon, Roud 919
Jackie Boy, Master, Walter Pardon, Roud 1519
Jock Stewart, Lizzie Higgins
John Bull, George Dunn
Jolly Beggar, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 118
Jolly Wagoner, Walter Pardon, Roud 1088
Jones's Ale, Walter Pardon, Roud 139
Just a Song at Twilight, Walter Pardon
Just an Old Fashioned Lady, Bob Hart
Keep Right on to the End of the Road, George Dunn, Roud 0
Keep the Home Fires Burning, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Keeper, The, Walter Pardon, Roud 1519
Lads in Navy Blue, Walter Pardon
Lady Mary Ann, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 31
Laird o Drum, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 247
Laird o the Dainty Dounby, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 864
Lawyer, Walter Pardon, Roud 922
Let the Wind Blow High or Low, Walter Pardon, Roud 308
Lincolnshire Poacher, Bob Hart, Roud 299
Litte Drummer Boy, George Dunn
Little Ball of Yarn, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 1404
Little Grey Home in the West, Walter Pardon, Roud 12911
Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane, Walter Pardon, Roud 2473
Lizzie Lindsay, Daisy Chapman, Roud 94
Loch Lomond, Walter Pardon, Roud 9598
London Bridge is Falling Down, George Dunn, Roud 502
Long Trail a-Winding, Walter Pardon, Roud 0
Long, Long Trail a Winding, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Lord Ronald, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 10
Love is Teasing, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 1049
Lovely Molly, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 15
Ma Grannie's Got a Tripe Shop, Lizzie Higgins
Maid of Australia, Walter Pardon, 1872
Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo, Walter Pardon, Roud 0
Maria, My Girl, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Mary Hamilton, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 79
Memories, Bob Hart
Men of Merry England, Walter Pardon, Roud 13658
Mermaid, Daisy Chapman, Roud 124
Mermaid, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 124
Merry Mountain Band, George Townshend
Miller and His Sons, Walter Pardon, Roud 138
Miner's Dream of Home, Walter Pardon, Roud 1749
Miner’s Song, The, Lizzie Higgins
Minstrel Boy, Walter Pardon, Roud 13867
Mother Machree, Walter Pardon, Roud 0
Muckin o' Geordie's Byre, Daisy Chapman, Roud 2137
My Father Keeps a Crowing Cock, George Dunn
My Grandfather's Clock, Bob Hart, Roud 4326
My Grandfather's Clock, Walter Pardon, Roud 4326
My Little Old Bedford Let Me Down, Wiggy Smith
My Old Kentucky Home, Bob Hart, Roud 9564
My Souvenirs, Bob Hart, Roud 0
My Wild Irish Rose, Walter Pardon
Nicky Tams, Daisy Chapman, Roud 1875
No Man's Land, Bob Hart
No Rose in all the World, Bob Hart
Off to Philadelphia, Walter Pardon
Oh are ye Sleepin Maggie, Lizzie Higgins
Oh Master the Tempest is Raging, George Dunn
Oh Molly Riley, George Dunn
Oh Reapers in the Whitened Harvest, George Dunn
Old Brown's Daughter, Walter Pardon, Roud 1426
Old King Cole, Walter Pardon, Roud 1164
Old Miser, Walter Pardon, Roud 3913
Old Parson Brown, Walter Pardon
Old Rustic Bridge by the Mill, Walter Pardon, Roud 3792
Old Rustic Bridge, Bob Hart, Roud 3792
Old Rustic Bridge, George Townshend, Roud 3792
Old Shep, Bob Hart, Roud 1499
On a Summer's Night, Bob Hart, Roud 1497
One Cold Morning in December, Walter Pardon, Roud 1745
One of the Best, Bob Hart
Only a Beautiful Picture in a Beautiful Golden Frame, Walter Pardon, Roud 5307
Overgate, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 866
Pack up Your Troubles, Bob Hart, Roud Roud 0
Peggy Bawn, Walter Pardon, Roud 661
Peggy O'Neil, Walter Pardon
Poacher's Fate, Walter Pardon, Roud 793
Poor Rodger is Dead, Walter Pardon, Roud 797
Pretty Fair Maid from London Town, A, Lizzie Higgins
Pretty Ploughboy, Walter Pardon, Roud 186
Put me Among the Girls, Bob Hart
Raggle Taggle Gypsies, Walter Pardon, Roud 1
Rakish Young Fellow, Walter Pardon, Roud 829
Rambling Blade, Walter Pardon, Roud 490
Rape, The, Lizzie Higgins
Red Sails in the Sunset, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Remember Me, George Townshend
Ring for the Girl I Love, Bob Hart
Ring the Bell Watchman, Walter Pardon, Roud 13630
Ring the Bell, Walter Pardon
Ring Your Mother Wore, The, Wiggy Smith
Rise an Fight ye Hielan Chiels, Lizzie Higgins
Roast Beef of Old England, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Robin Adair, Walter Pardon, Roud 8918
Rock and a Reel and a Wee Bittie Cloot, A, Lizzie Higgins
Roman Soldiers, Walter Pardon, Roud 8255
Rose of Tralee, Bob Hart, Roud 1978
Roses of Picardy, George Dunn
Rule Britannia, Bob Hart, Roud 10790
Seasons, The, Lizzie Higgins
She is Handsome, George Dunn
She Stood in a Working Man's Dwelling, Walter Pardon
Shepherd of the Hills, Walter Pardon, Roud 1215
Ship that Never Returned, Bob Hart, Roud 775
Ship that Never Returned, Walter Pardon, Roud 775
Sitting on the Stile, Mary, Walter Pardon
Smile Awhile, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Smiling Through, Walter Pardon, Roud 0
Spaniard that Blighted My Life, Bob Hart, Roud 10666
Spanish Ladies, Walter Pardon, Roud 687
Steam Arm, Walter Pardon, Roud 4817
Still I Love Him, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 654
Sweet Marie, George Dunn
Sweet Marie, Walter Pardon, Roud 11353
Sweet Trinity, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 122
Sweet William, Wiggy Smith
Sweetheart May, Walter Pardon
Tak the Buckles fae your Shin, Lizzie Higgins
Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty, Bob Hart, Roud 10669
Tanks in Picardy, Bob Hart
Teddy O'Neil, Walter Pardon
There is Somebody Waiting for Me, Walter Pardon, Roud 7394
There was a Frog lived in a Well, George Dunn
There's a Light in the Window, Walter Pardon, Roud 4288
There's a Secret in my Heart, George Dunn
There's No Place Like the Old Home, Walter Pardon
Thousands or More, George Townshend, Roud 1220
Three times Round went the Gallant Ship, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 122
Tooraling, Tooraladdy, Lizzie Higgins
Topman and the Afterguard, Walter Pardon, Roud 350
Trees they Do Grow High, Walter Pardon, Roud 31
Trooper and the Maid, The, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 162
Turra Market, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 2136
Twelve o’clock is Ringing, Lizzie Higgins
Twenty-one years, Wiggy Smith
Two Eyes of Blue, Daisy Chapman
Two Jolly Butchers, Walter Pardon, Roud 17
Two Little Boys, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Two Little Girls in Blue, Walter Pardon, Roud 2793
Up to the Rigs of London Town, Walter Pardon, Roud 868
Van Diemen's Land, Walter Pardon, Roud 519
Varmer Giles, Bob Hart, Roud 1744
Village Pump, Bob Hart, Roud 0
Wanderer, George Townshend
Wanderer, Walter Pardon
Watch Over You when You were a Baby, Bob Hart
Waters of Kyleskewe, Daisy Chapman
We Used to Gather at the Old Dunn Cow, Bob Hart, Roud 13903
We'll All Go the Same Way Home, Walter Pardon
What a Time, Bob Hart
Wha’s at the Windae, Lizzie Higgins
When I Was a Hedger and Ditcher, Lizzie Higgins
When I Wore a Tunic, Walter Pardon
When Sunset Turns the Ocean Blue to Gold, Bob Hart
When the Fields are White with Daisies, Bob Hart, Roud 13633
When the Fields are White with Daisies, Walter Pardon, Roud 13633
When the Great Red Dawn is Shining, Bob Hart
When the Great Red Dawn is Shining, Walter Pardon
When the Poppies Bloom Again, Walter Pardon
When They Ask You What Your Name Is, Walter Pardon
When You and I were Seventeen, Bob Hart
When You Come to the End of a Perfect Day, Bob Hart
When You Wore a Tulip, Walter Pardon
Who will Buy my Pretty Flowers, Lizzie Higgins
Who Will O'er the Downs, George Dunn
Why Have I No Daddy, Mummy?, Bob Hart
Wild Rover, George Dunn, Roud 1173
Wild Rover, George Townshend, Roud 1173
Will You Love Me in December?, Walter Pardon
William Taylor, George Dunn, Roud 158
Willie's Fatal Visit, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 244
Willie’s Ghost, Lizzie Higgins, Roud 5136
Won't You Come to Me in Canada?, Walter Pardon, Roud 13634
Woodman Spare that Tree, Walter Pardon, Roud 13833
Wreck of the Lifeboat, Walter Pardon, Roud 13632
Wreck of the Ramillies, Walter Pardon, Roud 523
Write Me a Letter from Home, Walter Pardon, Roud 13640
Yellow Rose of Texas, Walter Pardon, Roud 2800
You Generals All (Marlborough), Walter Pardon, Roud 233
Young Sailor Bold, George Dunn