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Links to external information on other sites.
Links to external information on other sites.
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Tunes should be listed in alphabetical order according to the important part of the name, but with "The" (if relevant) at the front of the name.


  • Butcher's Hornpipe
  • The Cage
  • The Locomotive
  • Sadlers Wells Hornpipe

The full title should be 'Wikified' (in double square brackets) so that it becomes the link to the page for that tune.

eg. [[Sadlers Wells Hornpipe]] is displayed as Sadlers Wells Hornpipe

Use *<space> before each listing to get them 'bullet pointed'.

Categorise the page by putting [[category:Dance tune]] and [[category:Hornpipe]] at the end of the page

On the actual tune page, the following information could be included.

Source: This would be a manuscript or traditional performer

Historical Information: An opportunity to give information about the origin of the tune or background information about the title etc.

Reference No.(If applicable) This might be a Village Music Project reference or equivalent.

Alternative Title:

Similar Version:



ABC Code:

MIDI files may be included if available.

Links to external information on other sites.

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