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Musical Traditions Records

Musical Traditions Records produces CD-Rs of important music which is not commercially available.  All are accompanied by a substantial booklet giving as much information as we can find about the performers, their lives and their music.  Wherever possible, the complete recorded repertoire is made available, usually for the first time - thus many of our productions are actually double CD-Rs.

This small but very valuable catalogue - Vic Smith in fRoots

A very significant contribution to folk-song scholarship - Dave Atkinson in Folk Music Journal

Some of the best collections available of traditional music - Steve Winnick in Dirty Linen

The current cataloge is as follows:

Mt rec.jpg

'300 Series' CD-Rs in DVD cases with integral booklet:

'200 Series' CD-Rs in jewel cases with insert notes:

'100 Series' Old Time Music CD-Rs in jewel cases with insert notes:

Musical Traditions CD-ROMs:

And - just to complete the picture: