Moon shines bright, The

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The Moon Shines Bright

Roud 702

Version from Albert Beale

Recorded by Maud Karpeles and Peter Kennedy, Kenardington, Kent, 14th Jan 1954.

  1. The moon shines bright, the stars give light
    A little before it was day
    The Lord our God he calls on us
    And bids us to wake and to pray

  2. Awake, awake good people all
    Awake and you shall hear
    The Lord our God died on the cross
    For us he loved so dear

  3. Today you may be alive, dear man
    And worth some thousand pound
    But tomorrow you may be dead, dear man
    And your corpse laid under the ground

  4. A tablet at your head, dear man
    And another at your feet
    Then your good deeds and your bad deeds
    Before the Lord shall meet

  5. So now my carol is almost sung
    No longer can I stay here
    May the Lord bless you all, both great and small
    and send you a happy new year


Artist: Ram's Bottom Album: Young May Moon Label: Traditional Sound Recordings