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[[William Clark Ms]], 1770
[[William Clark Ms]], 1770

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This list is organised by modern official regions and counties. This does not necessarily represent the original county of the manuscript in the past as the county borders have changed over time, with some new counties being created and some disappearing.

This list is derived from the full list of tune manuscripts and contains only those manuscripts where the original locations may be discerned. There are a few manuscripts where their origins are unknown, these are not listed here.

North West



Joseph Barnes Ms, Carisle, 1762

Matthew Betham Ms, Newby Head, 1838

Carisle Ms, Carisle, 1810

Rev. Robert Harrison Ms, Brampton, 1820

George Hepple Ms, Haltwhistle, mid 20thC

William Higgott Ms, c1800

William Irwin Ms, Langdale, 19thC

James Lishman Ms (The Browne Family), Ambleside, 19thC

George Malcot Ms, Whitehaven, 1776

John Rooke Ms, Waverton, 1840

Henry Stables Ms, Walthwaite, 1881

George Wallace MS, Alston, 1849

Greater Manchester

John Roose Ms, Machester, early 19thC

J. Townsend Ms, Manchester, 1821


James Barlow Ms, Helmshore, 1745

William Collinge Ms, Bacup, 1881

Samuel Crompton Ms, Bury, c1770

H S J Jackson Ms, Wyresdale, 1823

Isaac Jackson Ms, Wyresdale, 1822

Joseph Kershaw Ms, Oldham, 1820

James Nuttall Ms, Rossendale, 1830

John Nuttall Ms, Rossendale, 1795-1814

James Taylor Ms, Bury Tottington, early 19thC

William Tildsley Ms, Swinton

Edward Winder Ms, Wyresdale, 1834

John Winder Ms, Wyresdale, 1789

James Winder Ms, Wyresdale, 1835

Wolsnoume Ms, c1798


North East

It should be noted that Tyne & Wear is a modern county. In times past the north part was in Northumberland and the southern in County Durham.

County Durham

Durham (Anon) Ms, no date

Thomas Riley Ms, Aukland, 1841

John Treat Ms, Durham, 1779


Anon MS(WC/193) Ms, 19thC

Anon MS(WC/Mu187) Ms, 19thC

Anon MS(WC/?Mu) Ms, 19thC

Jack Armstrong Ms, no date

Henry Atkinson Ms, Morpeth, 1694

John Baty Ms, Bethel, 1840-60

John Bell Ms, c1812

Robert Elliot Bewick Ms, 19thC

Tom Clough Mss, various dates

W. Cocks Mss, various dates

Collingwood Ms, no date

Joseph Crawhall Ms, 1872

William Dixon Ms, Morpeth, 1733

Jack "Kielder Jock" Davidson Ms, Bellingham, early 20thC

A. Forster Ms, Wallridge Fell

William Thomas Green Ms, 1831

John Hall Ms, 1833

Thomas Hepple Ms, 1855

Christopher (Kit) Liddell Ms, 19thC

R. Lightfoot Ms, Harlow Hill, no date

Lockey Mss

John Nichol Ms, 1840-1900

John Robson Ms, Spithope, 1874

Tom Quinney Ms, Ryton, late 19thC

George Storey Ms, 20thC

John Straffen Ms, no date

C.J. Surtees MS, 1819

Topliff Ms, 1815

William Vickers Ms, 1770

Robert Winham Ms, Morpeth, c1860

Lionel Winship Ms, 1833

Tyne & Wear

William Hall Lister Ms, East Bolden, Newcastle, mid 19thC

John Moore of Tyneside Ms, Tyneside, 1841

Yorkshire & the Humber

North Yorkshire

Anon MS(VWMLa) (Yorkshire) Ms, late 19thC

William Calvert Ms, Leyburn, 1812

Joshua Jackson Ms, Harrogate, 1798

G Huddeswell Ms, no date

Lawrence Leadley Ms, Helperby, early 19thC

South Yorkshire

Joshua Burnett Ms, Worsborough, early 19thC

West Yorkshire

Armitage Mss, Calderdale, early 19thC

James Biggins Ms, Leeds, 1779

Benjamin Cooke Ms, Leeds, c1770

Frank Kidson (Hornpipes Ms), Leeds, c1900

Frank Kidson (Yorkshire Dance Music Ms), 20thC

Thomas Lambert Ms, Ferrybridge, c1860

George Spencer Ms, Leeds, 1831

Yorkshire, East Riding

Charles James Fox Ms, Beverley, 1830

Edward Holmes Ms, Beverley, 1820?

East Midlands


Ashover Ms, Ashover, c1770 (See Harrison & Wall Ms)

Alice Barnsley & J. Hall Ms, Peak Forest, c1790

Harrison & Wall Ms, Ashover, c1770 (See Ashover Ms)

Isaac Oldfield Ms, Belper, 1808

Thomas Reeve & G. Soresby Ms, Brailsford, 1800

Ralph Swindells Ms, Tideswell, 1856

Thomas Watts Ms, Peak Forest, late 18thC




William Clark Ms, 1770

Thomas John Dixon Ms, Holton-le-Moor, Market Rasen, 1798

Joshua Gibbons Ms, Tealby, Market Rasen, 1823

Matthew Hubbard Ms, Louth, 1794

Thomas Sands Ms, 1820

Eliza Tennyson Ms, early 19thC

Winterton Mss, Winterton, early 19thC


John Clare Ms, Helpstone, c1820



West Midlands

West Midlands (Anon) Ms, mid 19thC



James Blackshaw Ms, 1837

John Clews Ms, Stoke-on-Trent, 1832

John Dovaston Ms, Oswestry, early 19thC

Albert J Hughes Ms, Whitchurch, early 19thC

Richard Hughes Ms, Whitchurch, 1823

John Jones Ms, Whitchurch, 1801

John Moore Ms, Ironbridge, 1820

William Tittley Ms, Newport, early 19thC


Anon (Staffs) Ms, 1820



East of England



Henry Huntlea Ms, Cambridge, 1884


William Brown Ms, Romford, 1797



William Clarke Ms, Feltwell, 1858

George Henry Watson Ms, Swanton Abbott, 1850-80


West Suffolk

South East



Francis Horn Ms, Aylesbury, 1864

East Sussex

Thomas Shoosmith Ms, Arlington, early 19thC


Richard Pyle Ms, Nether Wallop, 1822

Isle Of Wight


RT Bottle Ms, Harrietsham, 1781

William Mittel Ms, New Romney, 1799


William Henry Giles Ms, Bampton, 1830

Jean Baptiste Malchair Ms, Oxford, c1780


M Sumner Ms, 1836

West Sussex

William Aylemore Ms, Wittering, 1796

Michael Turner Ms, Warnham, 1842-52

William Voice Ms, Handcross, early 19thC

Welch Family Mss, Bosham, 1800+

South West


John Pearsall Ms, Willsbridge, 1726


William Allen Ms, St. Ives, early 19thC

John Giddy Ms, Kea, c1740

Tom Gregory Ms, Padstow, 1825

Arthur Julian Ms, late 19thC

Morval Mss, Morval House, Looe, c1770

John Old Ms, Par, 1808

Francis Prideaux Ms, Padstow, 1788


William Andrews Ms, Sheepstor, late 19thC


Richard French Mss, Widecombe, early 19thC

Thomas Hardy Ms, early 19thC

Annie Herne Ms, Widecombe, early 19thC

Tom Nosworthy Mss, Widecombe, early 19thC

Benjamin Rose Ms, Belchalwell, 1820


Roland Berkeley Ms, Aston-on-Carrant, 1770

F. Davoll Ms

Greet Ms, Littleworth, Nr Greet, Winchcombe, early 19thC

Snowshill Manor Ms, Snowshill, no date

John & Mary Thurston Ms, Thornbury, 1736

George Till Ms, Stone, 1866

George Wilkinson Mss, Alderley, Weston-under-Edge, 2 MS one from 19thC

J. Winter Ms, Stanton, 1833


William Winter Ms, West Bagborough, 19thC


C. W. Bennet Ms, Chedzoy, 1860

J Glass Ms, Devizes, 1835

Greater London

Thomas Hammersley Ms, 1790

Walter Rainstorp Ms, Cheapside, 1747

Robert Tubbs Ms, 1752