MTCD320 Here's Luck to a Man

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To see the full CD details, go to the MT Records website where you'll also find the complete booklet notes [1]


All Through Mi Rakli, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 852
Are You Married, or Are You Free, Minty Smith, Roud 17037
At the Atchin Tan, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 1732
Bloke You Don't Meet Every Day, The, Lena Jones, Roud 975
Bold Reynolds, Joe Jones, Roud 358
Bold Reynolds, Joe and Lena Jones, Roud 1868
Broomdasher, The, Levi Smith, Roud 1733
Cruel Slavery Days, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 12897
Cuckoo is a Merry Bird, The, Minty Smith, Roud 413
Derby, Derby, Minty Smith, Roud 17027
Erin's Lovely Home, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 1427
Farmer of Cheshire, The, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 2638
Georgie, Jasper Smith, Roud 90
Hartlake Bridge, Jasper Smith, Roud 1729
Hopping Down in Kent / My Lovely Hops, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 1715
If I were a Grinder, Jasper Smith, Roud 17038
Jew's Garden, The, Minty Smith, Roud 73
King and the Keeper, The, Joe Jones, Roud 853
Lending & Spending; The Little Bee; Here's Luck to a Man; Upright & Down, Joe and Lena Jones, Roud 1868
Little Ball of Yarn, The, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 1404
Little Footman Boy, The, Alice Penfold, Roud 45
Long a-Growing, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 31
Lord Bateman, Alice Penfold, Roud 40
Lovely Johnny, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 5168
Old Miser, The, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 3913
Oyster Girl, The, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 875
Pepper and Salt (story), Jasper Smith
Poor Leonard, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 189
Rakish Young Fellow, The, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 829
Riding Down to Portsmouth, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 1534
Ripest Apples, Joe Jones, Roud 146
Sailor Boy, The, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 387
Shooting Spark's Cocks Up, Jasper Smith, Roud 902
Stepdance Tune, Bill Ellson
Swinging Down the Lane, Chris Willett, Roud 2870
There'll Come a Time Someday, Bill Ellson
Thorneymoor Park, Jasper Smith, Roud 222
Waxford Town, Mary Ann Haynes, Roud 263/409
Waxy Candles (story), Jasper Smith
Whistling Rufus / Brighton Camp, Jasper & Derby Smith
Will There be any Travellers in Heaven?, Derby Smith, Roud 5214
You Subjects of England (Young Taylor, Jasper Smith, Roud 851
Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime, Bill Ellson, Roud 2