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''Section Advisors: Ruairidh Greig; Mossy Christian''
''Section Advisors: Ruairidh Greig; Mossy Christian''
A series of articles based on an exhibition, from the archives of Lincolnshire County Council, entitled 
[http://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/residents/archives/events-gallery-and-document-of-the-month/on-line-exhibitions/legacy-of-lincolnshire-songs/ "The Legacy of Lincolnshire Songs"]
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[[William Clark Ms]], 1770
[[William Clark MS]], 1770
[[Thomas John Dixon Ms]], Holton-le-Moor, Market Rasen, 1798
[[GIBBONS,Joshua MS,|Joshua Gibbons Ms]], Tealby, Market Rasen, 1823
[[Matthew Hubbard Ms]], Louth, 1794
[[Thomas John Dixon MS]], Holton-le-Moor, Market Rasen, 1798
[[Thomas Sands Ms]], 1820
[[Joshua Gibbons MS]], Tealby, Market Rasen, 1823
[[Eliza Tennyson Ms]], early 19thC
[[Matthew Hubbard MS]], Louth, 1794
[[Winterton Mss]], Winterton, early 19thC
[[Thomas Sands MS]], 1820
[[Eliza Tennyson MS]], early 19thC
[[Joshua Gibbons]]
[[Winterton MS]], Winterton, early 19thC
[[Thomas Sands]]
[[Eliza Tennyson]]

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Section Advisors: Ruairidh Greig; Mossy Christian

Traditional Singers

Joseph Taylor

George Wray

Tune Manuscripts

William Clark MS, 1770

Thomas John Dixon MS, Holton-le-Moor, Market Rasen, 1798

Joshua Gibbons MS, Tealby, Market Rasen, 1823

Matthew Hubbard MS, Louth, 1794

Thomas Sands MS, 1820

Eliza Tennyson MS, early 19thC

Winterton MS, Winterton, early 19thC