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Joshua Gibbons was a papermaker in the village of Tealby, on the western edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds, where the River Rase provided power for several paper mills. He was also a musician; in 1969 his tunebook was noticed on display at Normanby Hall by Sue Cave, who played violin with the Grimsby group "Broadside". Since then the manuscript has been moved to the North East Lincolnshire Archives at Town Hall Square, Grimsby. Most of the manuscript was published by Peter Sumner in 1997 as "Lincolnshire Collections, Volume 1, The Joshua Gibbons Manuscript" (ISBN 0-9530117). The tunes are not presented in manuscript order, but are grouped, on dubious evidence, in "sets" containing tunes in different times and keys. The original pitches are given, but tunes are transposed into "user-friendly" keys. 186 of the 208 items are included.

Joshua Gibbons was born in 1778 and died in 1871. Little is known about his musical life except for evidence from the manuscript, which is dated 1823. Sumner assumes he was a fiddle player, but the only instruments mentioned in the MS are the clarinet and "recorda" (sic). A number of titles make reference to Rasen band, so he may have played with them in nearby Market Rasen. Reference is also made to tunes from Louth and Caistor, so he may have had contact with groups in those places. Many of the tunes are arranged in two or three parts, suggesting that Gibbons played regularly with other musicians. The complete manuscript has recently been converted into .abc notation and will shortly be available on the Village Music Project website.[1]

Items in the MS are as follows, with VMP numbers:

Gibbons MS List:

1.Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself JGi.001

2.Scotch Laddie, The JGi.002

3.March JGi.003

4.Scots wha hae wi Wallace Bled. JGi.004

5.Willy of the Dale JGi.005

6.Pady Carey JGi.006

7.Rosline Castle. JGi.007

8.Old Towler JGi.008

9.Country Dance JGi.009

10.Triumph JGi.010

11.March. JGi.011

12.Egg Hornpipe JGi.012

13.Irish Quadrilles JGi.013

14.March JGi.014

15.Quick March JGi.015

16.Quick Step JGi.016

17.Quick March JGi.017

18.Roy O'More JGi.018

19.Quick March JGi.019

20.Queens March JGi.020

21.Goose berry Hornpipe, The JGi.021

22.Jem of Aberdeen JGi.022

23.prince of wales H.pipe, The JGi.023

24.Prince of Wales March JGi.024

25.Flowers of Edinborough, The JGi.025

26.Quick Step from Newark JGi.026

27.Yellow hair'd Laddie, The JGi.027

28.Scotch Hornpipe JGi.028

29.In Infancy JGi.029

30.March JGi.030

31.Lincoln Hornpipe JGi.031

32.Seconds to Queens March JGi.032

33.Slow March from 2nd no York Regt Militia JGi.033

34.Drops of Brandy JGi.034

35.Vergins Wish, The JGi.035

36.Black Joke, The JGi.036

37.Smash the Windows JGi.037

38.British Reel, A JGi.038

39.Quick Step JGi.039

40.Cotilion JGi.040

41.Morgiana JGi.041

42.Hast to the wedding JGi.042

43.March - From Newark JGi.043

44.Bounapartes Pettit Dancea JGi.044

45.Untitled Quick Step JGi.045

46.Self, The JGi.046

47.Picknickery JGi.047

48.Picknickery on (C.) JGi.048

49.Battle at Trafalgar, The JGi.049

50.Nymph JGi.050

51.Steam Packet Hornpipe JGi.051

52.Over the Water to Charlie JGi.052

53.O dear What Can the matter be JGi.053

54.Loves a Tyrant JGi.054

55.Market Rasen Quick Step JGi.055

56.Robin Adair JGi.056

57.Air JGi.057

58.Dandy O JGi.058

59.Paddy Resourse JGi.059

60.Legacy, The JGi.060

61.Sweet Robin JGi.061

62.Oh Nanny JGi.062

63.Mrs Casey JGi.063

64.Soldiers Joy JGi.064

65.Persion JGi.065

66.Black Dance JGi.066

67.Duke of York Quick Step, The JGi.067

68.Market Raisin Feast Quick step JGi.068

69.Miss Hamilton Reel JGi.069

70.Grand Slow March for Raisin Band, A JGi.070

71.Prince of Coborgs Horpipe JGi.071

72.Congress at Laceby, The Jgi.072

73.You May if You Please JGi.073

74.Lass of Richmond Hill, The JGi.074

75.Hungary Waltz JGi.075

76.Now Hungary Waltz as I got it JGi.076

77.Sweet Home JGi.077

78.Morgiana in Ireland JGi.078

79.Brown's Hornpipe JGi.079

80.Quick Step - or Country Dance JGi.080

81.Brunswick Waltz JGi.081

82.Lord Yarborough's March JGi.082

83.Waterloo Dance, The JGi.083

84.Cheshire Waltz JGi.084

85.Daphne Quadrill, La JGi.085

86.Wood Picker, The JGi.086

87.Rose of Allandale JGi.087

88.Glee, A JGi.088

89.Morgan Rattler JGi.089

90.Well Done Jack JGi.090

91.Corporation March JGi.091

92.Soldiers Cloak, The JGi.092

93.Any thing you please JGi.093

94.London Hornpipe JGi.094

95.Miss Wrights Fancy JGi.095

96.Saint Patrick Day in the Morning JGi.096

97.Shut the door JGi.097

98.Manchester Hornpipe JGi.098

99.Prince of Wales Hornpipe, The JGi.099

100.Mrs MaCloud of Rase on B JGi.100

101.Quick Step JGi.101

102.Dusky Night, The JGi.102

103.Battle of the Nile, The JGi.103

104.Self, The JGi.104

105.Quick March from Louth JGi.105

106.Hornpipe JGi.106

107.Quick Step (from Louth) JGi.107

108.Garland of Love, The JGi.108

109.March in the Battle of Prague JGi.109

110.Kingston Volunteers Slow March JGi.110

111.Dorsetshire March JGi.111

112.Bellisle March JGi.112

113.Speed the Plough JGi.113

114.London March JGi.114

115.Off She goes JGi.115

116.Down with the French JGi.116

117.I will Tell my mammy JGi.117

118.Kingston Volunteers quickstep, The. JGi.118.

119.Quick Step JGi.119

120.Will you Come to the Bower JGi.120

121.Hull Dock March JGi.121

122.Grinders, The. JGi.122

123.Quick Step JGi.123

124.Duke of York March JGi.124

125.Dance, A. JGi.125

126.Quick Step. JGi126

127.Bugale Horn Quick step, The. JGi.127

128.March (from Newark) (No 32). JGi.128

129.Two or three strings to My Bow. JGi.129

130.Jacks Ramble. JGi.130

131.Ferry March. JGi.131

132.Auld Lang Syne. JGi.132

133.Flushing quickstep. JGi.133

134.Bath Waltz. JGi.134

135.Waltz. JGi.135

136.Louth quick step. JGi.136

137.Princess of Wales Waltz. JGi.137

138.Freers quick step. JGi.138

139.Unknown quick step, The. JGi.139

140.divel in Ireland, The. JGi.140

141.Yorkshire man in London, The JGi.141

142.Miss Fishers Hornpipe JGi.142

143.Copenhagen Waltz JGi.143

144.Mrs MaCloud of Rasee JGi.144

145.New Kiss Me Lady JGi.145

146.French Quick Step, A JGi.146

147.Lady Caroline Lee,s Waltz JGi.147

148.Waltz, A JGi.148

149.Sweet Jessie the flower of Dunblane JGi.149

150.Miss Rumley,s Fancy JGi.150

151.Heaving of the Lead JGi.151

152.Allemand,s Quick Step JGi.152

153.Maid of Lodie, The JGi.153

154.Stoney Steps Hornpipe JGi.154

155.Divel Amongst the Taylors JGi.155

156.Duke of Anglsea Waltz, The JGi.156

157.Rule Britannia JGi.157

158.Waltz, A JGi.158

159.Prince of Orange JGi.159

160.Brunswick Waltz, The JGi.160

161.John of Paris New Way JGi.161

162.Hornpipe JGi.162

163.John of Paris JGi.163

164.Wellington,s Bugle JGi.164

165.Lord Yarboroughs March JGi.165

166.Hansons Waltz JGi.166

167.Blue Beards March JGi.167

168.March, A JGi.168

169.Robin Adair JGi.169

170.Persion JGi.170

171.Miss Twentymans delight JGi.171

172.Miss Buckleys Delight JGi.172

173.Hornsby,s march JGi.173

174.Duke of Kents March JGi.174

175.wind that Blows the Barley down, The JGi.175

176.Edinborough Town JGi.176

177.Conquering Hero JGi.177

178.Whites Snowdon JGi.178

179.Grand March in the Seige of Vallaneens JGi.179

180.Huntsmans Chorus, The JGi.180

181.By a Broom JGi.181

182.Cowider Fair JGi.182

183.Crop the Croppies JGi.183

184.Election Tune, June 1826 JGi.184

185.Muffin man that Kisses the Lasses O, The JGi.185

186.Duke of Wellington JGi.186

187.Queens March JGi.187

188.Something JGi.188

189.Lord Nelson Hornpipe JGi.189

190.Newcastle Hornpipe JGi.190

191.Turnpike Gate JGi.191

192.Slow March JGi.192

193.Quick Step Jgi.193

194.Thorn, The JGi.194

195.Zodice, The JGi.195

196.Swiss Boy, The JGi.196

197.Calder Fair JGi.197

198.New May Moon JGi.198

199.German Spa JGi.199

200.Copenhagen Waltz JGi.200

201.March in Bluebeard JGi.201

202.Lady Cholmondley's Waltz JGi.202

203.Hamburgh Waltz, The JGi.203

204.Woodbine Cottage Quick Step JGi.204

205.Merrily dance the quakers wife JGi.205

206.Selfe, The JGi.206

207.March in Battle of Prague JGi.207

208.New Rigg'd Ship JGi.208

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