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Joseph Taylor of Saxby-All Saints, Lincolnshire - b. 10 Sep 1833 - was considered by Percy Grainger, the Australian pianist, composer and folk song collector, to be the finest folk singer that he had the opportunity to record.

Read the rest of this article on a Joseph Taylor web page but note that there is at least one factual error on the site.

The linked article is interesting but contains an inaccuracy since it refers to Percy Grainger visiting Lincolnshire in 1905 with Lucy Broadwood. In fact she did not attend the first Folk Song competition there in that year, but actually attended the second one , at which she was a judge of the Folk Song Competition, in the following year, and carried out a joint collecting trip with Grainger at that time , 1906. (Taylor, incidentally, did not win the competition that year.) --Irene Shettle 20:11, 1 July 2008 (BST)

Much information about Joseph Taylor is available at [1] including recordings, family details, photographs and articles.