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* The half Moon 167-V3
* [[Half Moon,The|The Half Moon]] 167-V3
* The Hambourg Dance 188-V3
* [[Hambourg Dance,The|The Hambourg Dance]] 188-V3
* Miss Hamiltons Jigg 111-V1
* [[Miss Hamiltons Jigg]] 111-V1
* Miss Hamiltons Reel 34-V4
* [[Miss Hamiltons Reel]] 34-V4
* Hammersmith Assembly  136-V1
* [[Hammersmith Assembly]] 136-V1
* The Handsome Couple 153-V4
* [[Handsome Couple,The|The Handsome Couple]] 153-V4
* The happy Captive 108-V4
* [[Happy Captive,The|The Happy Captive]] 108-V4
* The Happy Cobler 40-V2
* [[Happy Cobler,The|The Happy Cobler]] 40-V2
* Happy Couple 16-V1
* [[Happy Couple]] 16-V1
* The happy friend 166-V3
* [[Happy Friend,The|The Happy Friend]] 166-V3
* The Happy Night 86-V2
* [[Happy Night,The|The Happy Night]] 86-V2
* The Happy Pair 154-V2
* [[Happy Pair,The|The Happy Pair]] 154-V2
* Harlequin in the Woods 90-V4
* [[Harlequin in the Woods]] 90-V4
* Harlequin Ranger 77-V1
* [[Harlequin Ranger]] 77-V1
* The Harpers frolic 20-V3
* [[Harpers Frolic,The|The Harpers Frolic]] 20-V3
* The Harriot 15-V4
* [[Harriot,The|The Harriot]] 15-V4
* The Harvest is in 136-V2
* [[Harvest is in,The|The Harvest is in]] 136-V2
* Have at the French 166-V1
* [[Have at the French]] 166-V1
* Hawkes humour 165-V1
* [[Hawkes humour]] 165-V1
* The Hermione 140-V2
* [[Hermione,The|The Hermione]] 140-V2
* He’s aye a Kissing me 138-V4
* [[He’s aye a Kissing me]] 138-V4
* Hessian Camp 200-V3
* [[Hessian Camp]] 200-V3
* Hessian Dance 6-V2
* [[Hessian Dance]] 6-V2
* He stole my Tender Heart away 128-V4
* [[He stole my Tender Heart away]] 128-V4
* Hey ding a ding 16-V4
* [[Hey ding a ding]] 16-V4
* Hey for Honesty [or Neighbour Downright] 170-V2
* [[Hey for Honesty]] or [[Neighbour Downright]] 170-V2
* Hey to the Camp 186-V2
* [[Hey to the Camp]] 186-V2
* Heywood Wake 22-V2
* [[Heywood Wake]] 22-V2
* The Highland Wedding 25-V3
* [[Highland Wedding,The|The Highland Wedding]] 25-V3
* The Hive Bonnet 135-V4
* [[Hive Bonnet,The|The Hive Bonnet]] 135-V4
* Hob or Nob  171-V1
* [[Hob or Nob]] 171-V1
* Lady Holderness’s Jigg 11-V1
* [[Lady Holderness’s Jigg]] 11-V1
* Honest Farmer 134-V1
* [[Honest Farmer]] 134-V1
* Honest Temples  Jigg 194-V2
* [[Honest Temples  Jigg]] 194-V2
* Honest Will 95-V2
* [[Honest Will]] 95-V2
* The Honey pot 155-V2
* [[Honey Pot,The|The Honey Pot]] 155-V2
* Hook or by Crook 82-V4
* [[Hook or by Crook]] 82-V4
* Hopkins Corner 131-V1
* [[Hopkins Corner]] 131-V1
* Hopkins Whim, or The Artillery Rout 7-V4
* [[Hopkins Whim]] or [[Artillery Rout,The|The Artillery Rout]] 7-V4
* The Hour Glass 47-V2
* [[Hour Glass,The|The Hour Glass]] 47-V2
* Commodore Howe’s Ramble 30-V2
* [[Commodore Howe’s Ramble]] 30-V2
* Lord How’s Jigg 115-V4
* [[Lord How’s Jigg]] 115-V4
* Mrs. Hubbard’s Allemand 67-V4
* [[Mrs. Hubbard’s Allemand]] 67-V4
* The Humours of Wapping 86-V3
* [[Humours of Wapping,The|The Humours of Wapping]] 86-V3
* Hum the Hummer 82-V2
* [[Hum the Hummer]] 82-V2
* The Hungarian March 176-V1
* [[Hungarian March,The|The Hungarian March]] 176-V1
* Hunt the Hare 100-V3
* [[Hunt the Hare]] 100-V3
* Hunt the Hare [2] 99-V4
* [[Hunt the Hare]] [2] 99-V4
* Hunt the Whistle 58-V3
* [[Hunt the Whistle]] 58-V3
* Miss Hutchinsons Frolic 160-V1
* [[Miss Hutchinsons Frolic]] 160-V1

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This index covers the first four volumes of the series of Thompson's dance books entitled '200 Country Dances' and published between 1758 and (probably) 1796. Volume 5 is expected to be available in due course and volume 6 will be available if somebody can find a copy.










  • I’m a top of tom Tickler’s ground 125-V1
  • The Infant 91-V3
  • The Innocent Maid 3-V4
  • The Installation [see St. Georges Fields] 155-V3
  • The Installation [2] 19-V4
  • In the Moor among the Heather 19-V2
  • The Intrepid 146-V1
  • The Invitation 72-V2
  • The Irish Lawyer 92-V1
  • Irish Lilt 147-V2
  • The Irish Lottery 61-V1
  • The Irish Man’s choice 99-V1
  • Irish Vauxhall 199-V2
  • The Irish Whim 58-V1
  • The Irish Widow 200-V4
  • Islington Assembly 78-V1
  • It grieves me much 175-V3
  • It’s three O clock we’ll have tother Dance 66-V1
  • It’s well it’s no worse 13-V3


  • Jack Austin’s Humour 74-V1
  • Jack Graces Front 41-V2
  • Jack I’ll tickle thee 53-V3
  • Jack in the Box 189-V4
  • Jack on the Green 186-V1
  • Jack’s Delight 190-V1
  • Jacksons Morning Brush 151-V4
  • Jacks Ramble 117-V4
  • Jack’s whim 74-V3
  • Jakie Stewart 21-V2
  • Jemmy’s Fancy 26-V1
  • Jenny of the Green 22-V2
  • The Jew’s Restoration 82-V1
  • Joans Placket 182-V2
  • The Jobs done 142-V2
  • Jockey’s delight 75-V3
  • Jockey to the Fair 193-V4
  • Joes Jigg 91-V1
  • John Barton 195-V1
  • Miss Johnsons March 177-V2
  • The Jolly Mortals 105-V2
  • The Jolly Night 118-V2
  • The Jolly young Waterman 81-V4
  • Jonny cock thy Beaver 179-V2
  • The Jovial Dancers 96-V2
  • The Jovial Fellows 132-V3
  • The Jubilee 30-V3
  • Juniper Hill 196-V4
  • Justice Ballance 42-V4
  • Justice guttle 144-V1


  • Keep it up 6-V1
  • Kendal House 15-V1
  • Keppel’s Delight 13-V4
  • The King of Denmark 158-V3
  • Kingsbridge Assembly 6-V4
  • The Kiss 98-V3
  • Kitty Fisher 55-V2
  • Knebsworth Place 168-V1
  • Knights of the Garter 148-V3
  • Knocking and Scratching 139-V2


  • La Ballet Hollandoise 113-V3
  • La Boutonniere 161-V4
  • La Brunetta, or Pop the Question 10-V4
  • La Contess 86-V4
  • La Contrefatte 98-V4
  • La Cymbal 31-V3
  • La Fete du Village 129-V4
  • La Foes Allemand 72-V4
  • The Ladies favourite 175-V1
  • The Ladies Play Thing 73-V3
  • La double entendre 194-V1
  • The Lads of Dunce 176-V2
  • Lady Barnsleys Fancy 162-V4
  • Lady Caroline Stanhopes birthday 196-V2
  • Lady Charles Spencers Fancy 148-V4
  • Lady Charlott’s Delight 32-V1
  • Lady Coventry’s Delight 145-V1
  • Lady Holderness’s Jigg 11-V1
  • Lady Mary Worsleys Fancy 160-V4
  • The Lady of the Manor 1-V4
  • Lady Villier’s Delight 68-V4
  • Miss Lamberts Delight 176-V4
  • La Nouvelle Hambourgh 37-V4
  • Lansquenet 52-V1
  • La Petite 105-V4
  • La Rose 163-V4
  • Lasses have at ye 182-V4
  • The Lasses of Portsmouth 45-V4
  • La Tonva 151-V3
  • Laugh and Lay down 159-V2
  • The Lawyer’s Whim 116-V2
  • Le Brasselets 158-V4
  • Leominster Assembly 70-V3
  • Le Pulleys Allmand 20-V4
  • The liberal Lover 76-V4
  • Lidia’s Ramble 85-V1
  • Light and airy 44-V3
  • Lincolnshire Lads 107-V2
  • Lincolnshire Lasses 108-V2
  • Linnen Hall 152-V4
  • Litchfield Races 100-V1
  • Little Driver 154-V1
  • The Little Man and Maid 64-V2
  • Little Swiss 51-V1
  • Govr. Littletons delight 94-V2
  • Lloyd’s Whim 58-V4
  • The London Assembly 150-V3
  • Look sharp, or Cavendish court 110-V1
  • Lord Bath’s gait 179-V3
  • Lord Berkeley’s Whim 191-V1
  • Lord Eglington’s reel 17-V1
  • Lord How’s Jigg 115-V4
  • Lord Plymouths Frolic 89-V2
  • Lord Spindle 102-V3
  • Love & Opportunity 112-V4
  • Love in a Village 150-V2
  • Lovely Kate 111-V3
  • Love me Dearly 169-V4
  • Lover’s Hunt, or Chasse D’Amour 52-V2
  • Love sick Polly 173-V4
  • The Lowder [The Lowdon] 199-V3
  • Lubbers hole or Tower Lane 17-V2
  • Capn. Lucas’s fancy 134-V3
  • Lucy’s Delight 185-V1
  • The Lyar 38=III
  • Lyons Fancy 53-V2


  • Capn. Mac Beans Reel 63-V1
  • Maccarony Dance 46-V4
  • The Macoroni 8-V3
  • Mad Cap 60-V3
  • Mad Moll 184-V2
  • The Magic Lanthern 72-V3
  • The Maidens Choice 12-V2
  • The Maid of Bath 192-V3
  • The Man in the Moon 42-V3
  • The Man on the wire 70-V1
  • The Mantua maker’s Frolic 7-V2
  • Margate Rout 83-V3
  • Maria Anna’s Fancy [Maryann’s Fancy] 107-V3
  • Maria’s Frolic 99-V3
  • Marione 94-V4
  • Marionets 194-V3
  • The Marquis of Granby’s Rant 74-V2
  • Marshall Saxes Tamborine 39-V1
  • Lady Mary Worsleys Fancy 160-V4
  • Master Jackey wagtail 156-V1
  • May day Morn 48-V4
  • The Mayor of Garratt 164-V2
  • Mr. Mellish’s Dance 106-V4
  • The Merry Dancers 181-V1
  • The merry Girls of Bristol 171-V4
  • Merry girls of Epsom 3-V1
  • Merry Girls of Maidstone 118-V1
  • The Merry Girls of Scarborough, or The Romps 191-V4
  • The merry Hunters 39-V4
  • Merry Jack 90-V1
  • The Merry Meeting 127-V4
  • The Merry Pair 168-V2
  • The Merry Thought 84-V3
  • The Merry Weaver 115-V2
  • Miss Meynells Reel 11-V3
  • The Middlesex Farmer 144-V3
  • The Midnight Ramble 57-V2
  • The Midnight Ramble [2] 49-V3
  • Mile end Assembly 14-V1
  • The Milesian 143-V4
  • The Militia Dance 70-V2
  • The Milk Maid 85-V4
  • The Miller and Collier 50-V2
  • The Millers Daughter 110-V3
  • The Milliners choice 62-V1
  • The Milliners Shop 102-V1
  • Mirth and Jollity 184-V1
  • The Miser’s Jewel 135-V2
  • Miss Baker 68-V3
  • Miss Burchills Humour 95-V1
  • Miss Careys bridal day 181-V3
  • Miss Dollands Delight 186-V4
  • Miss Dowess’s Delight [Miss Dawes’s Delight] 52-V3
  • Miss Fargeharson’s Reel 130-V3
  • Miss Gunnings 193-V1
  • Miss Hamiltons Jigg 111-V1
  • Miss Hamiltons Reel 34-V4
  • Miss Hutchinsons Frolic 160-V1
  • Miss Johnsons March 177-V2
  • Miss Lamberts Delight 176-V4
  • Miss Meynells Reel 11-V3
  • Miss Molly’s Gigg 47-V4
  • Miss Nancy frowns 119-V1
  • Miss Neighbours Fancy 175-V4
  • Miss Ottoes Reel 76-V3
  • Miss Peacheys Delight 116-V1
  • Miss Piggotts Whim 188-V4
  • Miss Poultneys Delight 164-V3
  • Miss Sheriffs Whim 182-V3
  • Miss Tashes Maggot 74-V4
  • Miss Willmot’s Maggot 192-V4
  • Mrs. Boyces Delight 168-V3
  • Mrs. Hubbard’s Allemand 67-V4
  • The Mistake [The Mistakey] 137-V3
  • Mr. Mellish’s Dance 106-V4
  • The Moated House 67-V2
  • The Mole Catcher 134-V2
  • Moll Peatly 174-V2
  • Moll Spicers Reel 178-V2
  • Miss Molly’s Gigg 47-V4
  • Molly Zouchs Frisk 80-V1
  • Monday night 162-V2
  • Monmouth Assembly or The Burlesque 115-V1
  • The Month of August 100-V2
  • The Month of March 158-V2
  • More noise than work, or The Blind Fidler 50-V3
  • Morgans whim 171-V3
  • Mother quoth Hodge [the new way] 179-V1
  • Mount Edgcomb 81-V2
  • The Mowers 108-V3
  • Much ado about nothing 200-V1
  • Mullowny’s Jigg 71-V4
  • Muns delight 64-V1
  • Mutual Love 111-V4
  • Muzzle Hill 31-V2
  • My Lords delight 7-V1
  • The Myrtle 146-V4
  • My Uncle Toby 106-V2


  • The Nabob 177-V3
  • Miss Nancy frowns 119-V1
  • Nancy Dawsons Fancy 98-V2
  • Nancy Plym 106-V3
  • Nancy’s frolick 65-V4
  • Nanny’s Delight 85-V2
  • The Neapolitan Dance 35-V3
  • Negus 170-V3
  • Neighbour Downright, or Hey for Honesty 170-V2
  • Miss Neighbours Fancy 175-V4
  • Neither here nor there 175-V2
  • The new Allemand 23-V4
  • The new Fandango 164-V4
  • The New Feathers 199-V4
  • New Daniel Cooper 178-V1
  • New Lango Lee, or Patrick Sarfield 12-V4
  • New Lango Lee [2] 54-V4
  • The New Ministry 47-V3
  • The New Pavement 77-V3
  • The new Poloness 4-V4
  • Newport Assembly 140-V4
  • News from Denmark 28-V3
  • The new Whim 91-V2
  • New Years day in the morning 104-V1
  • The new Years Gift 51-V4
  • No Joy like Love 27-V1
  • Nomans Jigg 181-V2
  • The Norfolk Freeholder 34-V3
  • The North Country Lass 133-V3
  • Nothing New 151-V2
  • Nottingham Races 194-V4
  • La Nouvelle Hambourgh 37-V4
  • Nova Scotia 2-V1
  • The Novelty 121-V1
  • Now for it 133-V1
  • Now or never 80-V3
  • Now or Never [repeat] 80-V4


  • The Oak’s 56-V4
  • The Obelisk [The Obelist] 18-V3
  • The Oddity 104-V3
  • Odiham Races 120-V3
  • Once a Night 27-V4
  • One two three 32-V2
  • The Old Maid 102-V2
  • Old Nicks Lumber Room [or the Pawnbrokers Warehouse] 33-V2
  • O the Days when I was young 97-V4
  • Miss Ottoes Reel 76-V3
  • Out and in upon Occasion 35-V2
  • Out’s and Inn’s 57-V3
  • Over the Water 192-V1


  • Paddy Whack 187-V3
  • The Padlock 114-V3
  • The Pantheon 32-V3
  • Parson Adams 69-V1
  • Parson Darrals Fancy, or St. John’s Day 88-V4
  • The Parting Lovers 95-V4
  • The Partridge 162-V1
  • Patrick Sarfield, or new Lango Lee 12-V4
  • The Pawnbrokers Warehouse, or Old Nicks Lumber Room 33-V2
  • Miss Peacheys Delight 116-V1
  • Peasants Dance 174-V1
  • Peeping Tom, or Trip to Coventry 157-V1
  • Peggy of the Green 24-V4
  • Pennington rant 30-V1
  • La Petite 105-V4
  • Petroes Fancy 162-V3
  • Petticoat Loose 197-V1
  • Peggy Band 138-V3
  • Miss Piggotts Whim 188-V4
  • The Pilgrim 105-V3
  • Pitt’s Fancy 18-V2
  • The Playhouse Squabble 165III
  • The Pleasures of the Town 104-V4
  • Plumb Pudding 167-V1
  • Plymouth Assembly 117-V3
  • Lord Plymouths Frolic 89-V2
  • Polly Clevelands Favorite 44-V4
  • The Polygon 24-V3
  • Ponchanella 149-V2
  • Pop the Question, or La Brunetta 10-V4
  • Portsmouth Harbour [Plymouth Harbour] 152-V3
  • Portsmouth Review 38-V4
  • Portsmouth Rout 125-V2
  • The Post Coach 62-V3
  • Miss Poultneys Delight 164-V3
  • Powell’s Fancy 174-V4
  • Preston Guil 132-V2
  • Pretty Betsey 79-V3
  • Pretty Kitty 103-V2
  • The Pretty Milliner 40-V1
  • Pretty Miss Sally 24-V1
  • Prince Ferdinand 64-V3
  • Prince Henry’s Jigg 197-V2
  • Prince Edwards Jigg 87-V1
  • Prince George for ever 67-V1
  • Prince Georges Rigadoon 4-V1
  • The Prince of Brunswick 187-V4
  • The Prince of Mecklenburgh’s Jigg 127-V2
  • The Prince of Wales 123-V2
  • The Prince of Wales’s birth day 25-V1
  • Princess Augustas Tamborine 117-V1
  • The Prussian Camp 34-V2
  • The Prussian’s Dance 20-V2
  • The Prussian Soldier 74-V2
  • Le Pulleys Allmand 20-V4
  • Push about the Jorum 197-V4


  • The Queen’s House 137-V2
  • The Queens Mule 144-V2
  • The Queen’s Night Cap 40-V4
  • The Quiver or Cupids Prophecy 45-V2


  • The Rainbow 26-V4
  • The Rakes of Rochester 172-V1
  • The Ramble 136-V3
  • Rangers Frolic 189-V1
  • The Rattle 145-V3
  • Recruiting Serjeant or Tringham’s Fancy 6-V3
  • The Recruits 30-V4
  • Red and all Red 41-V1
  • Red Heath 156-V2
  • The Red Rose 76-V2
  • Capn. Reeds Delight 163-V2
  • The Regatta 93-V4
  • The Retreat 152-V2
  • The Review, or Bellisle March 161-V2
  • Ride a Mile 122-V3
  • Ridotto al Fresco 109-V3
  • The Rioters 165-V2
  • The Rival Milk Maids 59-V4
  • The Rocket 92-V3
  • Admiral Rodney’s Delight 62-V2
  • Roger of Coverly 192-V2
  • The Romps, or The [Merry] girls of Scarboro’ 191-V4
  • La Rose 163-V4
  • The Rose 124-V4
  • Rose Hill 123-V3
  • The Rosetta 130-V4
  • Rough and smooth 34-V1
  • The Round about 146-V3
  • Round the May Pole 41-V3
  • The Royal Charlotte 97-V2
  • The Royal Cradle 143-V2
  • The Royal Dozen 77-V4
  • Royal Exchange 23-V1
  • The Royal Midshipman 37-V2
  • The Royal Prince Frederick 170-V4
  • The Royal salute 41-V4
  • The Royal Volunteers 59-V2
  • Rumford Assembly 112-V1
  • The Runaway 150-V4
  • Rural Felicity 197-V3
  • The Russian Dance 198-V3
  • Rylands Humour 49-V2


  • St. Brides Bells 113-V1
  • St. Georges fields [see The Installation] 88-V3
  • St. James’s Park 31-V1
  • St. John’s Day, or Parson Darrals Fancy 88-V4
  • The Salloon 123-V4
  • Sally’s favorite 81-V3
  • Sally’s Taste 24-V2
  • Salviletina 94-V3
  • Sams Humour 50-V1
  • Saw you my Father 16-V3
  • The Scaramouch 143-V1
  • The School for Lovers 19-V3
  • A School for Scandal 122-V4
  • Scotch Bonnet 196-V1
  • The Scotch Ramble 89-V3
  • The Scots Hall 114-V1
  • The Seven Stars 165-V4
  • Seymours Whim 42-V2
  • Shamboy 81-V1
  • The Sham fight 2-V4
  • Sharden’s Humour 88-V2
  • The Sheep sheering 36-V3
  • Miss Sheriffs Whim 182-V3
  • She’s over young to marry 36-V1
  • Shew me the way to Oxford 59-V1
  • Shilling a Gig 190-V3
  • The Shrewsbury Lasses 180-V4
  • Shuter’s Humour 128-V1
  • The Sicilian Peasant 89-V4
  • Simple George 86-V1
  • Slingsbys Reel 2-V3
  • Smart’s Fancy 17-V3
  • Smiling Polly 129-V2
  • Ye Social Pow’rs 137-V4
  • The Soldiers Joy 195-V4
  • Something new 137-V1
  • The Spa Dance 23-V3
  • Spadill 78-V3
  • The Spaniard 110-V4
  • Spithead Fleet 135-V1
  • Sr. Alexr. Mc.Donald’s Reel 135-V3
  • Sr. Tom in an Office 180-V3
  • The Stage Coach 2-V2
  • The Star 182-V1
  • Stay and take your Petticoat with you 89-V1
  • The Steel Hoop 103-V1
  • Stick a Pin there 142-V1
  • Stow Fair 29-V2
  • Stratford Jubilee 112-V3
  • Strike the Colours 138-V2
  • The successful Campagn or Bath Frolic 176-V3
  • Suckey’s Delight 185-V4
  • Suky bids me 188-V1
  • Sun Assembly 8-V1
  • The Sun Beams 15-V3
  • Sunbury Common 38-V1
  • The Surprise 4-V3
  • The Surry Reel 186-V3
  • Sweet Richard 121-V3


  • Take a dance 14-V2
  • Take me Jenny 115-V3
  • Take me right 45-V3
  • The Tartar 1-V2
  • The Tartar [2] 168-V4
  • Miss Tashes Maggot 74-V4
  • Tattoo 13-V2
  • The Tea Pot 48-V1
  • The temple Rakes 83-V1
  • Tent and Brandy 37-V1
  • The thatch’d House 71-V1
  • Thomas and Sally 101-V2
  • The Threshers 79-V2
  • Ticonderoga 141-V4
  • Timothy Sharp 174-V3
  • The Tit Bit 68-V2
  • Tom and Mary 19-V1
  • Tom Jones 200-V2
  • Tommy’s Chance 150-V1
  • Tom Prickits Favorite 38-V2
  • The Ton 139-V4
  • Top and Bottom 60-V1
  • The Touchstone 21-V4
  • Tower Lane or Lubbers hole 17-V2
  • Trap Ball 103-V3
  • The Trifle 159-V3
  • The trim’d Waistcoat 97-V3
  • Tringham’s Fancy or Recruiting Serjeant 6-V3
  • A Trip from Slade 113-V2
  • Trip to Ankerwick 161-V3
  • Trip to Bath 159-V1
  • A trip to Bath Easton 119-V4
  • A trip to Bengall 183-V4
  • A Trip to Carlisle 65-V2
  • Trip to Castle Howard 55-V4
  • Trip to Coventry or Peeping Tom 157-V1
  • A trip to Dublin 116-V4
  • A trip to Dunsburn 129-V3
  • Trip to Easton 9-V4
  • A trip to Flanders 69-V3
  • Trip to Gallaway 60-V4
  • A Trip to Germany 78-V2
  • A Trip to Guadaloup 131-V2
  • Trip to Hackney 55-V1
  • A Trip to Harrogate 15-V2
  • Trip to Highgate 118-V4
  • A trip to Kew 71-V3
  • Trip to Lincoln 153-V2
  • Trip to Maidenhead 33-V1
  • A Trip to Martinico 13-V2
  • A trip to Milan 52-V4
  • A trip to nettle bed 101-V1
  • Trip to Oatelands 131-V4
  • Trip to Paris 90-V3
  • A Trip to Plymouth 93-V2
  • A Trip to Quebec 195-V2
  • Trip to Ranelagh 1-V1
  • A Trip to Richmond 160-V2
  • Trip to strasbourg 172-V3
  • A trip to the Camp 154-V4
  • Trip to the Jubilee 12-V1
  • Trip to the Oaks 133-V4
  • A trip to Virginia 66-V4
  • Trip to Weymouth 116-V3
  • Trip to white Conduit 130-V1
  • A trip to Winchcomb 189-V3
  • A trip to Windsor or the Bucks Phœton 55-V3
  • Trip up Stairs 199-V1
  • Tristram Shandy 99-V2
  • The True Briton 124-V2
  • Tunbridge Rout 68-V1
  • Turbit and Venison 141-V1
  • Turkish Jigg 109-V1
  • The Turtle [see Bonny Kitty] 163-V3
  • Twenty Fifth of May 148-V2
  • Twenty may play as well as one 129-V1
  • Twig the Mercer 140-V1
  • Two and Two 141-V2
  • Two for One 177-V4
  • The Two legged Dropsy 126-V2
  • Turnham Green Frolic 63-V2


  • Under the Blankets 48-V2
  • Under the Water 76-V1
  • Up the Water 63-V3


  • Vicar and Moses 191-V3
  • The Victory 22-V4
  • Lady Villier’s Delight 68-V4
  • The Volatile 91-V4


  • Wakefield Hunt 155-V4
  • Wanton Betty’s Vagaries 44-V1
  • The Wanton Lass 179-V4
  • The Wanton Widow 84-V2
  • Warley Common 145-V4
  • Warwick Court 131-V3
  • Warwickshire Will 125-V3
  • The Way to keep him 80-V2
  • We are gayly yet 56-V3
  • The Wedding Day 117-V2
  • The Wedding Ring 29-V4
  • Wednesday Night 46-V2
  • We have nothing else to do 127-V1
  • Welcome from Hanover 10-V1
  • Welcome from the Havannah 185-V3
  • Welcome home again 47-V1
  • We’ll all be Married 114-V2
  • We’ll dance all Night 111-V2
  • Wenlock Election 92-V4
  • Westminster Bridge 96-V1
  • We will down with the French 17-V4
  • What’s that to you 94-V1
  • What you will 66-V3
  • The Wheatsheaf 107-V4
  • The Wheel of Life 36-V2
  • When Wars alarms 198-V4
  • The Whim 184-V3
  • The White Horse 121-V2
  • Who Cares for You 84-V4
  • Who’s afraid 142-V4
  • Wildboars Maggot 163-V1
  • The wild Irishman 118-V3
  • Wilkes Fancy 96-V3
  • Williams delight 87-V2
  • The Willing Quaker 157-V4
  • Miss Willmot’s Maggot 192-V4
  • Will this please ye 71-V2
  • Windsor Forrest 193-V2
  • Windsor Terror [Windsor Terrace] 147-V3
  • The Wonder 64-V4
  • Woodford Assembly 70-V4
  • The Wood House 12-V3
  • Wooton Underhedge Assembly 73-V1
  • Wotton Underhedge Fair 139-V1


  • Ye Social Pow’rs 137-V4
  • You’ll be welcome here again 93-V3
  • You may if you Please 178-V4
  • The young Fox 105-V1
  • Young Johnny’s Delight 20-V1
  • The Young Prince 166-V2
  • Young Roger 172-V2
  • You’re welcome to Broadstreet 172-V4

Editorial note.

The volume transcribed is held in Birmingham Central Library basement, and consists of the four volumes bound together. It is signed Amelia Goddard, and also contains three pages of manuscript; a scale for a six-stringed instrument tuned CEGceg, part of “Felton’s Air”, and a tune notated in tenor (C4) clef called “The Louvre”. Dance instructions accompany each tune – these I have omitted in transcription. Accidentals and text in brackets are my editorial suggestions or corrections. Where I have corrected mistakes, I have pointed these out in a footnote to the tune. All original spelling and punctuation has been retained, except for the long s (ſ). The index largely uses the spelling used in the original index, except where I have entered the alternative name (or significantly different spelling) in addition. When a tune appears twice, the other instance is referred, and if it appears with the same name it is marked [repeat]. If two different tunes share the same name, the ‘later’ of the two is marked [2].