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Room, Room, Brave Gallants, Give us Room to Sport!

.....for in this place we do resort

to bring you information on the spectacle that is the Mummers Play, plus any other form of traditional street drama.

Your first stop in any study of this form of drama must be the Traditional Drama Research Group whose web site is hosted by the EFDSS. The site is full of scripts, pictures and information about plays all over the world.

Plays performed now

The Master Mummers Directory of Folk Play Groups has a comprehensive list of over 250 active groups, arranged by county and searchable by keyword. Photographs of many of these groups can be found in the Folk Play Research website's Photo Gallery.

North West

Antrobus Cheshire You Tube

Comberbach Soulcakers Web site


Middleton Mummers Cowling West Yorkshire You Tube

Long Company Ripponden. West Yorkshire web site

Midgley Pace Egg Calder Valley. West Yorkshire

Heptonstall Pace Egg Heptonstall, Calder Valley. West Yorkshire

Bradshaw Mummers Bradford area, West Yorkshire

North East

Byker Mummers Newcastle on Tyne You Tube

Fylingdale Mummers Fylingdale, near Whitby, North Yorkshire


Northstow Mummers Cambridge. Cambridgeshire.

South Midlands

Haddenham Mummers Play Haddenham Oxfordshire You Tube

Towersey Mummers Towersey Oxfordshire You Tube


Ditchling Lewes Sussex You Tube

Frome Valley Morris Men Mummers Play Weymouth, Dorset You Tube

Hammingdon Mummers Ardingly Sussex You Tube

Wessex Morris Men Mummers Play Cerne Abbas, Dorset You Tube

South West

Marshfield Mummers Marshfield, Gloucestershire

South Zeal Devon You Tube

South East

Hoodening East Kent

Boyden Gate Mummers Marshside, East Kent


Jig Dolls

It's difficult to place Jig Dolls in the structure of Folkopedia but here in 'Drama' is as good a place as any for the moment. They should warrant their own section at some point in the future. In the meantime.......

Jig Dolls are dancing dolls made of wood and typically activated by bouncing a wooden plank underneath them. Have a look at this video of Pat Pickles and all will become clear.

Jig Dolls on Google Video


Hunting the Wren This article is written by Peter Wood, who is originally from Co. Monaghan, with photography of the Dingle Wren by Christy McNamara, who is originally from Co. Clare. Peter and Christy have collaborated on a book entitled "The Living Note: The Heartbeat of Irish Music", published by O'Brien Press and Robert Rinehart.