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Attaching specific information to counties is a useful way of organising things, but of course there will be anomalies. 
Boundary changes may have occurred. How do you categorise a traditional singer like Rose Murphy who lived in Sheffield but was Irish? 
Or a singer like Cecilia Costello who had Irish parents but lived all of her life in the West Midlands and spoke with a local accent? 
There will always be exceptions and difficulties, but that's life!
  • Borsetshire Books

A book about some aspect of Borsetshire would be listed here. If it also appeared in another list (or lists) elsewhere, then the information should be repeated and/or linked to the other list. Ideally the book would have it's own page, identified by having (Book) appended to the title. See: Book Template

  • Borsetshire Customs

This section might be preceded by a general note but will probably be a list of events. Eg.

    • Ambridge Pace Egg
    • Felpersham Hobby Horse
  • Borsetshire Songs
  • Borsetshire Traditional Singers
  • Borsetshire Traditional Musicians
  • Borsetshire Dance Traditions