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The information in Folkopedia is input by registered users recruited from all the diverse areas of the folk scene.

This information contained is reviewed and moderated by Section Editors under the supervision of Category Editors. The reason for this system is that we hope to produce a database that can be referenced with confidence in academic and educational contexts.

We welcome contributors from all areas of the folk community.

Category Editors

Category Editors are appointed to oversee particular bodies of information and use their experience to review the material and assess its accuracy, authenticity, etc. They will be people with recognised expertise in their subject area.

Section Editors

Section Editors take direct responsibility for sub sections within the categories. They work under the direction of the Category Editors to assist contributors in producing accurate and authenticated information.


Contributors input information according to their interests and experience. There are no anonymous contributors in Folkopedia and everyone is expected to take reponsibility for their contributions.

If you apply for a contributor's User Name and Password, use your own name (upper or lower case but remember which, no space ie. johnengland or JaneLancashire) and select your own password.

React to the email asking you to confirm your email address and then send us an email to requesting that we activate your editing rights.