Arnold Woodley

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Arnold Woodley (1925-1995)

Bampton musician, see Mustrad article


  • FTX-384 - CONSTANT BILLY BILLY WELLS - Morris Dancing

At Bampton "Jinkey", or Billy Wells (1868-1953), fool, dancer & fiddler recounts his life-story to Peter Kennedy in 1952 & talks about the dances together with pre-war recordings of him playing in the street. Other musicians & dancers were recorded in the streets on Whitmonday in 1955, playing and talking, including Bertie Clark, Jim Buckingham, Arnold Woodley, Jimmy and Albert Townsend, Michael Bowden, Billy Flux & William Brooks (known locally as "Brannen")

  • Rig-A-Jig-Jig. Dance Music Of The South Of England. ‎(CD) Topic Records TSCD659 1998 Johnny's So Long At The Fair - Morris tune

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